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  1. Sorry to ruin the weekend Keven, but the problem still persists however not as frequently I noticed it twice on a flight in PMDG 737 Oslo to Tromso and 6-7 times on flight Oslo to London, sorry but i unchecked the experimental 3 checkbox as it was quite annoying when I was on final and found myself looking at the back of my chair -:( I think you are close to a solution though.
  2. Hi Keven That seems to have fixed it. By the way well done on such an amazing product Regards Iain
  3. Yes I am using experimental and your suggestion seemed to work thanks
  4. Hi, I have just installed the latest update, how when i hold the middle mouse button to look the camera immediately points straight down so I am looking at the seat....this happens every time. Please Help
  5. OK so i.m loosing my nerve now...Its 12:30 at the PMDG office....no word from the guys of the release of the 737 NGX for P3d v4, The OP Center is updated but no v4 installer....OK so I will hope they have lunch and release after that as its getting late in Europe. But seriously if its not going to be today PLEASE tell us soon as my F5 fey is getting worn out!!! Ow and I'm ready for a flight from Oslo to Bergen and back......just need the bird! Fingers crossed
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