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  1. Recently, I've purchased TSS's 767 GE sound to use it as a replacement sound for Level-D 767. After install, i started flight sim and loaded Level-D 767. Unfortunately, the engine sound sounds very odd.Just like a buzzing, scratchy, blare sound I wasn't able to find any difference on replaced sound compared to default level-d sound. Of course I tried to configure the sound settings, but it wasn't a solution for problem.And when I replaced the sound file to other aircraft, It just works perfectly without problem :( So it seems like a problem only occurs on Level-D 767, but I couldn't fimd any solution for it on any flight sim forum. I'll be a great help for me if you guys help me to solve this problem !
  2. Hi,guys.I’m having some questions about repaint these days i am looking to make some shiny rough effect and some glossy effect for plane looking forward for experts suggestions in this i really appreciate any kind of help provided in this . Regards Jamie
  3. It occurs depending on situation of course But for me these effects are not bad,Just Great for me So that's why I want it haha
  4. Recently,I've seen a very interesting photo from FSAqui's blog http://fsaqui.blogspot.kr/2012/07/mega-merge-boeing-777-fs2004.html On the first pic of the page(JAL 773) It shows a enormous size of a wing vortex So I tried to find a effect which looks like that,but there wasn't. What I wan to ask you is two First,Is that photo just a composition?or the real effect for FS2004? Second,If that's an effect exists for FS9 then where I can find them? Thanks
  5. Does it also works in fs9 too...?
  6. Merry Christmas u guys Well these days,I'm finding for the GMCS System for PSS 777 as you can see from these two links http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/showthread.php?t=25777 The GMCS System works!!! LOL.... Let me get the link if you guys know about this spectacular feature.. And for second,Does iFly 737NG Feature Pack includes Vertical Situation Display? I was looking for it but i can't find it anywhere on ifly settings..lol Thanks
  7. Maribell//So I got it :)It's beter not to use GE Pro for frame rates and control the anti-alising by Graphic card Controller.Thx so much for ur help ;)I'm gettin' over 40 frames after defragment,option settings! pschlute// Yup I got what you want to say me :)I tuned up my fs9 by using NVidia Inspector and it woks very fine XDThanks so much for ur help,too..!
  8. First of all,my somputer specification CPU:Intel i5-2500 3.3Ghz Cache 6MB RAM:DDR3 PC-12600 4GB(Due to internal VGA,3GB Useable) Motherboard:Intel H67 VGA:NVidia Geforce GT 425M(1GB) HDD:1TB So,my computer is HP Touchsmart 9300 Elite(All-in One..) I thought this system could run fs9 smoothly Well it is...But at the huge airport (such as CDG,LHR,ORD,JFK,ICN,HKG...)I'm getting very low frame rates(between 15~25) So it is not easy for me to focus on flight..Because of lagging... Well,I always fly from Incheon airport(I'm now using Overland RKSI,Updated version) But at Incheon,It's difficult to get over 30 fps within anti-alising(default FS anti-alising option) But without anti-alising,I can get over 50 fps easily.So question here...How can I get a high frame rate within using the anti-alising option It is ok for me to use the 3rd party programs to get better frame rates(such as NVidia Inspector...) And Question Two,Does merging the aircraft decreases the frame rates? Since i'm using Posky 777 merged with PSS 777,I'm not easy to get a high frame..lol Ahh..And the last question. How can I get better ground textures? I already installed GE Pro and optimized fs9.cfg by using tutorial.... Plz help !
  9. Hi guys I'm now repainting Posky 777 PAX Version.. But I cannot find 777 LRF's Paintkit.............. Do you guys know where to find the LRF's Paintkit? Thx
  10. olli4740//when I'm flying with Overland Incheon and PMDG 747,I got under 20 frame lol.......And sometimed with strong lagging...It's case of Night texture but I'm just worried lol is there optimizer for fs9 to increase the frame rate???
  11. Spec CPU i5-2500 VGA GeForce GT 425M HDD SATA 1TB Seagate RAM:DDR3 4GB(2.99GB Useable) OS Windows 7 Pro Can I run FS9 as full thrust with this computer spec???? With a lot of 3rd party add-ons..And one more question. Does lot of Addon Sceneries causes low frame????????? lol I think im havin' those problems.....HELP!!
  12. Hello:)Guys....I'm back!hehehehe well.....BUT I'm having some problems with REX and GE Pro:# So I really want you guys to help me...lol Anyways,before everything..I think it is better to give the spec of my computer CPU:Intel i5-2500 3.30Ghz VGA:GeForce GT 425M HDD:Seagate Baracuda 1TB RAM:DDR3 4GB(2.99GB Available) So the problem:( As what I said...I'm using FS9 and REX,GE Pro(Ground Environment Pro) I have 2 probleems....lol first,REX Problem:( every textures are wonderful without Water textures.... The water texture is almost worse than default;(............When I saw the picture on REX website,the water texture was clearly visible and it has a wave,also it was rich in details! but in my case(I'm using the highest resolution 512X512 for water)Water texture is blurred,not visible,no waves.......lol I'm bit disappointed........The mysterious thing is that other textures are great without water:( I just want to get a detail like REX Website:(..............I really expected to see the great water texture but it wasn't lol.............PLZ Help me for it:) And the problem of GE Pro......The ground textures are bit blurry:( So I configured fs9.cfg as my own (I changed 5 things.) TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL as 22 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_TEXTURES as 1 TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS as 9 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS as 7 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS as 7 But the textures are "still" blurry lol.. I'm goin' crazy:( Anyone knows how to fix blurry ground textures???HELP MEEEEE!!!!!
  13. By FlyDelta's advice im going to change my computer!! Well the specs CPU Intel i3-3220 3.3ghz ivybridge RAM Samsung DDR3 PC-12800 4GB VGA ZOTAC GTX650 1GB Single fan Toshiba 500GB HDD I'll install a lot of 3rd parties...So give me some clue hehe THX a lot:)
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