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  1. Ironically, I changed the setting to True Airspeed and I have had two succesful flights with no issues what so ever. I used to have the same problem with the Maddog MD80 when I was using it on FS9. But if it happens again, I will try to get screenshots. For the record, I flew one time with a MD80 Captain from American Airlines and the problem occurred.
  2. Yes I have display indicated airspeed set in the realism settings. Should it be set to true airspeed?
  3. I use the light ad manager to load the aircraft to include fuel planning. Everything is normal. IAS is usually above 290kts and vs is usually 2000ft/min or less. With out warning this occurs
  4. Sometimes while climbing and cruising. The Stall alert will come on and the autopilot will disconnect. The aircraft will loose altitude and also turn around in the opposite direction automatically. When it goes away the plane is slightly off course and you have to re-engage AP
  5. How do you silence the autopilot disconnect alarm after landing. This is very annoying? I am using the new Maddog80X on P3D
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