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  1. I used to be a jet guy until i bought Majestic's Q400. That plane completely changed my preferences because it obliges the pilot to be constantly alert. Less automation, more hand flying, more use of nav/adf radios, more manual calculations (TOD, for example), more difficult to handle under turbulence and wind and much more weight sensitive, not to mention landings under bad weather conditions. All these things you almost don't have to worry about when flying jets. To me, all this means a more challenging flying session which surpasses in my opinion the supposed in - depth found on study level aircrafts, the likes of pmdg or FSL, who make good products, no discussion about that. All that said, my two other favorite aircrafts are Flysimware Mitsubishi MU2 (very tough cookie to tame) and Carenado's Shorts 360 (lots of things to take care-of while flying). Utilities, Active Sky, because augments realism and flight sim commander because forces you to really understand flight plan construction. Shades, ORBX products, all of them, for the realism. Regarding sceneries, none in particular. I modify and fine tune all the airports i care about with airport design editor (afcad's evolution). To me, that's more than enough.
  2. I remember I had a similar problem with a Carenado aircraft and solved it by changing the realism setting to "ignore crashes and damage". As in your case, everything worked fine but throttles went to idle and then engines shut off after about 20 seconds
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