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  1. Hi everybody, I've read multiple times, that the performance and stability of native P3D 4.4 VR is much more stable than the FlyInside solution. Do you know an alternative way, to integrate external windows into the virtual environment without leaving native P3D VR? best regards, Argonox
  2. Hey there! :) Does this solve the display problem, that names of wayponts/airports are not shown? regards, Argonox
  3. Hi Byork, not the news I wanted to hear :) but thanks for the lightning fast response. Looking forward to your next releases, best regards, Argonox
  4. Dear FS2CREW team, Aerosoft just have anounced their tomorrow release of their CRJ. I've read in the Aerosoft forum (several month ago), that there was some ongoing .. let's say "conversation" about an possible FS2Crew implementation. :) Is their anything on you schedule regarding the Aerosoft CRJ? best regards, Argonox
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