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  1. Thanks to each of you for the replies - all taken on board. It's amazing how far some things have changed, while others are exactly the same as when I left them. Deep pockets indeed. This hobby is almost going to cost the same as the real thing! Re: charts - I'll use real ones, I see no point paying for specially re-written sim ones. I will buy AIRACs from Navigraph, however - nothing worse than seeing an out of date AIRAC on an FMC/GPS!
  2. Hello chaps and chapettes, Firstly - forgive me if this is the wrong forum for posting a topic such as this, I did have a good search through all the the forums (and indeed, many sub forums) to find somewhere more appropriate, but I couldn't. I'm sure it will be moved in the fullness of time if necessary. I've been away from Flight Simming for a few years now - AVSIM certainly looks very different(!) - I used to fly a lot in my late teens, but finally decided enough was enough and to go away and focus on getting some real flying hours under my belt and ultimatley I had far too much to do and not enough time to do it in, my FS machine died and I never bothered replacing it. I now have a) 'real flying hours under my belt' and B) time (sort of) to get back into the hobby to supplement my real world aviation involvement. I've been reading the AVSIM forums quite intently for the past week or so and it's nice to see there's still lots of activity for the hobby - the PMDG triple certainly looks quite interesting. Speaking of long overdue addons, whatever happened to the Level-D 757 that was supposed to be coming? Perhaps they're waiting for all of them to be in the desert then we all get a real 757 with every boxed copy, rather than a flight deck DVD? I have a mountain of questions to ask about getting back into things, namely: 1) Am I better off "getting with the times" and buying FSX? My copy of FS9 is lying around somewhere...maybe...possibly... 2) In my opinion smaller aircraft and flight sim just don't do it for me. I tend to spend my time doing accurate systems simulation with 'proper' flight planning etc. What are the kingpins of detailled system simulations these days? When I left off, I think the LDS 767-300 was about as good as it got, with the PMDG 747 a close second. 3) I need to buy a new computer and throttle quadrant, yoke and rudder pedals. I'll ask this in the hardware forums to avoid verging on any rules for this particular sub forum! 4) What are the good options for detailed weather simulations? Active Sky was my software of choice before. 5) Anything else I should know before I get back into things? Sorry for a fairly lengthy initial post with a few questions in it, but I'm looking for sound advice from you guys! I look forward to your replies. Josh
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