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  1. Now I have. And it works again! Great, thank you guys! Regards, Klaus
  2. Sorry guys, but the point is not to find out which route planning tool is the best. The point is that that there is a lot of ProATC users out there that want to continue using it (yes, it's convenient!) and who can't do this anymore since the import simply stopped working with the latest 737 update. (By the way - even the 777 has been updated and the import still works fine.) The only solution seems to be a rollback and when browsing this forum I get the impression that there are lots of users who plan to do just that. So far all the updates that I installed have been improvements (some pretty significant!) but just the latest one might not have been the best one ever. Regards, Klaus
  3. Hi, I experience a similar problem. After the latest 737 update (1.20.8869) I'm unable to import any flightplan that has been generated by ProATC/X. I've been using ProATC/X for many years without any problem and since this issue showed up with the latest PMDG update I suppose it's caused by it. Changing the flight planner is not en option if I want to use ATC provided by ProATC/X. If there is no quick way to fix it, how can I downgrade the 737 to the previous version which worked absolutely fine for me? Regards, Klaus Wiegel
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