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    GNS430 Addition (resolved)

    Not sure why but by specifically assigning the 430_2 to the COM/NAV 2 it fixed my frequency swap issue.
  2. I purchased the GNS530 about a month ago. It has been working great. I just purchased the GNS430 and now I am having a problem. Most functions work on the 430/530 however when I press the NAV frequency swap it seems to be fighting the change. Sometimes it swaps frequencies ok. Other times I have to press the button several times to get it to lock in. See below for link to video of this issue: Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks, Greg
  3. gregsusie

    GNS430 Addition (resolved)

    Ok, I got this resolved. Apparently in the default 430_2 ini configuration the COM and NAV is set to AUTO. This does not work. Since the 430 is the second GPS in the aircraft I manually changed the COM and NAV to 2. See below in BOLD: [GNS_430_2] ; comma separated list of render targets. drawto = WINDOW, Garmin_430_screen ; is the master device if true. MasterDevice = false ; connects to: 'PFC_STACK','PFC_430','PFC_530' or any '#PID' (#D002 for PFC_430) ; no value connects to first found, 'OFF' disables connection. HardwareDevice = ; hardware selector number or -1 to disable. HardwareIdx = -1 ; selects COM/NAV Radios '1' or '2'. RadiosPair = 2 ; uses computer time if true, simulator time otherwise. ComputerTime = false ; connects GPS to Autopilot if true. LinkOto = false ; connects GPS to HSI if true. LinkHsi = false ; connects GPS to HSI course motor if true. LinkCrs = false ; connects GPS to OBS input if true (LinkHsi/OBS or AutoNavSource/OBS). LinkObs = false ; connects GPS to VOR if true. LinkVor = false ; connects GPS to copilot side if true. CopilotSide = false ; override GPS Unit# (1 or 2) or use 'this unit#' (0) (XPL 10.30+ for GPS2). AutoGpsSource = 2 ; override VLOC NAV# (1 or 2) or use 'RadiosPair' (0). AutoNavSource = 2 ; connects CDI mode to NAV/GPS switch if true. AutoNavGps = false ; HSI lateral deviation scale factor. CdiScale = 1 ; HSI vertical deviation scale factor. GsiScale = 1 ; enables Shadin Air Data computer if true. UseAirData = true ; enables Shadin Fuel Data computer if true. UseFuelData = true ; enables RYAN 9900BX TCAD if true. UseRyanTcad = true ; sets TCAD sound alerts volume in percent: 0 to 100. RyanTcadVolume = 50 ; sets TCAD maximum number of targets to X-Plane AI Traffic Count. UseTcadAiCount = true ; connects GPS #1 to GPS #2 if true (both required). UseCrossFill = false ; enables device failures if true. UseFailures = false ; uses Simulator GPS commands if true. UseSimGpsCmds = true ; updates Simulator GPS flight plan if true. LinkSimGps = false ; saves the active route to flight plan file if true (.fms) AutoSavePln = false ; sets fuel type: AVGAS,JETA,JETB FuelType = AVGAS ; sets device power knob switch mode: NONE,DEFAULT_ON,DEFAULT_OFF PowerKnob = NONE ; sets device power source: ; ALWAYS_ON,AVIONICS_BUS,MAIN_BATTERY,BUS_1,BUS_2,BUS_3,BUS_4,BUS_5,BUS_6 PowerSource = AVIONICS_BUS ; integral lighting rheostat index (0 to 3) or percent (-100 to 0) Rheostat.Display = -100 ; integral lighting rheostat index (0 to 3) or percent (-100 to 0) Rheostat.Buttons = -75 ; sets master sound volume in percent: 0 to 100. MasterVolume = 100 ; mute sound when simulator window looses focus if false. NoAudioFocus = false ; sets trainer process CPU: 1 to 32 (0: last core, -1: automatic). CpuAffinity = -1 ; cdi/obs: CDI Key (0: disable) AFMS.cdi_key = ; cdi/obs: Selected Course for GPS (0: disable) AFMS.sel_crs_gps = ; cdi/obs: Selected Course for VLOC (0: disable) AFMS.sel_crs_vloc = ; cdi/obs: V-Flag State (1: declutter) AFMS.v_flag_declutter = ; main: GPS Selected (0: prompt) AFMS.gps_selected = ; main: COM Presets (1: enable) AFMS.com_presets =
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    GNS430 Addition (resolved)

    Ok, Before I installed the 430 I backed up my XPlane11 folder. I just restored my XPlane11 folder (only the 530 is installed) and started X Plane. I tested the 530 GPS and all works again!. I closed X Plane and ran the 'rxpGNS2-XPL-Setup.exe' application to install the 430 GPS. The installer finished and I started X Plane. With no changes to any ini files and the 430 not selected in the PlugIn the 530 NAV swap button is buggy again. I also just noticed that after pressing the 530 COM swap a few times both the Active and Standby frequencies are the same??. I verified the 430 in the plugin is turned off and the default simulator 430 is displayed in the 3D panel. How do I figure out what is causing this issue? Thanks, Greg