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  1. Ok i will try it next time i make a flight. will tell the reason if i found it
  2. Hi, i already deinstalled both and the ivao weather is of course disabled ^^ . May i should contact both their official support.
  3. Hi, doesnt matter what wind direction or wind speed , it happens random , but always on cruise altitude
  4. Hi, i got a serious Problem with FS Global Real Weather while iam using the 777 or 737 , i will try to explane it as best as i can because englisch is not my native language. On 10th January i bought FS Global Real Weather because of the good reviews in various magazines and its actually a great simple and easy to use programm for the most realistic weather in FSX. But a few days laters i did my usual flight from EDDP - OMDB with the 777 and noticed that the plane hat some serious problems of stay on the magenta line, its like the wind pulls me 1 mile offtrack and the plane want to get back on it , so he turns hard left or hard right and shoot everytime over the magenta line and while he doing this he fly more and more offtrack to the actual course . The problem stays if i use the 737 , i cant be afk because he might get crazy . Usually im on IVAO Network , they have their own weather engine and the planes have no problems with it , also the weather engine of rex causes no problems. I saw a link from the FS Global forum where another pilot got the same problem with it and he fixed it with a simple entry of fsx.config but mine wont so. Greetings
  5. Thanks for help guys but i delete P3D because there is at this time no chance for using PMDG`s and in fact that i mostly fly 737 or 777 it makes no sense to use it anymore
  6. My Intension was: how higher how better i will test it . my fps are about 25-55
  7. Hi Guys, im in some " serious " trouble, im proud owner of P3D v2 since yesterday but the first thing was:,, wow my Displays are blurred ! " Any other is absolutly perfect but in every Standard or Add On Plane my displays are with Wide View Aspect kind of blurred and washed out maybe milky. i made some Screens please look at it. May in the settings is the failure. http://gyazo.com/dd28d2f56e622e6eaa4f4c0a32ab41b6 http://gyazo.com/a743e9dcb7766562a224fe12d3933693 http://gyazo.com/da9c1c819535fd1eb3610f00e2e590d5 http://gyazo.com/99d8f688612dc707d0c8fab70af13f0e http://gyazo.com/27d65de9f96d9a5a4f262a30695baa75 http://gyazo.com/33ec5d44d85950c24e8082f466a2ed1b hope it helps Bye
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