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  1. I think I will fail in my attempt to limit the number of aircraft I purchase for DCS because the Harrier has now made my "must buy" list. ;-) --T
  2. I bought it as soon as I saw the announcement. I grew up around the Avro and flew in it often. I have to say, I am disappointed in this release. The plane simply feels rushed. It has nice features but like others said, the VC is a step backwards. I am also disappointed with the sound set. The beta range sound is fairly accurate but sounds in the alpha range are not quite there. AFG's YS-11 captured this well. I also noticed the absence of the distinctive reverse throttle sound (maybe I'm doing something wrong, but my controls are configured properly). Anyway, the plane needs more work, IMHO. Hopefully, it will be patched in the future. --T
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