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  1. Hi guys, I bought a long time ago the dx10 fixer but only yesterday I decided to install v3. My main problem (Im still refining my dx10 system) is at Aerosoft's LCLK Larnaca scenery. The lightpoles are emitting a strange white texture. Any ideas what's causing it? Thanks! Andy
  2. miragecy64

    weird night textures

    Thanks Tiger_Walts, I also suspect LCD monitors limitation as well? Because with previous CRT monitors I didn't have this problem. I wonder what monitors some guys use, their nighttime screenshots are perfect... Andy
  3. miragecy64

    weird night textures

    Ok, on my 27' monitor is more obvious but at the first link look at the landing lights illuminating the ground... Looks like 256 colors and not 32 bit. Clouds also look like this but you can't tell from these shots Andy
  4. miragecy64

    weird night textures

    Hi, I have these strange night textures for a long time now, although my daytime textures are ok. And sky is not true black but rather dark rose... My LCD monitor is a 27' samsung. Any help please? https://app.box.com/s/mjp8cyitap9qusqmqayk https://app.box.com/s/2alugwy82sienbd0bh2p Thanks, Andy