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  1. Hallo I have something very strange , I use orthoxp4 120b, and have made the tile +52+13 Berlin Germany in zl 18, all photos in the texture file look nice, I found EDDT airport, so I know it's the right scenery, in the x-Plane log file I see that the scenery is loaded, but when I start X-Plane there is nothing to see of the newly created scenery, I have tried it now 5 times, also in zl16, but the result is the same. I have also made +53+12, and +52+ 11, 12, and 13, and they are beautiful, outside of these I have made tiles for large parts of Europa, America, the middle east and asia, one is better than the other, but all of which work well, so it is a mystery to me why +52+13 not want to work, do you have an idea? best Regards Peter
  2. Hallo Jean-Luc Recently ESET has been updated, so I looked in the folder with the files that are excluded from checking, I found the files I put in the first time, the files that are in the plugin folder, and they are still there, I found them in real-time file protection that immediately detected and cleaned up malware, and the file C:\program data\ Reality XP\ rxpGTNSIM32.dll is also there and should be left alone. The problem lies with Windows I think, Windows tells me, the file is not designed to run in Windows or contains an error. Weird because the other 32.dll files in the plugin folders he has no problems with, if Windows updated the virus' signatures, why does he just throw out this one, and the other ones not? Regards Peter
  3. Hallo Jean-Luc I have looked at Windows Defender, and that one said, these settings are managed by ESET internet security. Why Windows throws it out when Windows Defender is turned off, but it does put it in ESET Quarantine? Where can I look more so that Windows no longer throws out the file? How can it be that Windows does that from one moment to the next, I have not changed anything, not in Windows ore the 750 settings Regards Peter
  4. Hallo Jean Luc After months of use without problems, from one day to the next, X-Plane did not want to start the plane in which i use the 750. Windows tels me that he can not work with C:\program data\ Reality XP\ rxpGTNSIM32.dll, I have to reinstall the program, and I did that. After the reinstallation, windows keeps throwing the file GTNSIM32.dll out, even if I let it put back by Eset and order to no longer scan it, if I put it back, Windows will throw it out again, Error 0xc000022.And told that GTNSIM32.dll is a variant from win32/ packed and is a suspicious application. What do I have to do to get it back to work? Regards Peter
  5. Olla Jean-Luc I dit not expect that ESET After installing the plugin, still get rid of files, but I found it, and it works now. Thank you very much for your help.
  6. Olla Jean-Luc How can I solve this problem? 17/06/22 13:54:10.200 13108 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 17/06/22 13:54:41.042 13108 ERROR] GTN 750.1 process not ready: C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGtnSim32.dll 17/06/22 13:54:41.188 13108 ERROR] Kan opgegeven module niet vinden., code: 0000007e (Can not find the specified module)
  7. Olla Jean-Luc after turn of ESET the reinstall of GTN lasted 10 seconds, I have checked and the files rxpGlnSim32.dll and rxpGTN\32\win.xpl now are at the place where they should be. I have installed the GTN_GDU620PCTrainer_6211 and use the rxpGTN-XPL(2.4.6) installer, Hopefully I start X-Plane11, but a deselusion, the GTN750 appears but still with a black screen, I have discovered that if the GTN750 is active the other GPS is blocked, so he does something even though I have no picture. I reinstalled the trainer and let him do the repair, I installed the GTN twice, because after I started X-Plane and the GTN the file rxpGlnSim32.dll was gone again, is that normal? I dit go to settings, put power source to Always on, and the screen brightness is 100%, still a black screen. When I bought the GTN750, the trainer dit not want to work with my AMD video card, That's why I bought a nvidia geforce GTX 1080, the performance of X-Plane11 has been greatly improved, and withe a well-functioning trainer, I thought that it would work in X-Plane too.but no So there must be something else that is not going well? I use the program xOrganizer V1.1 and from there I start X-Plane11 so that I can easily switch all extra's on and of. Do you have any other ideas why he does not want to work?
  8. Hallo Jean Luc Thanks for your reply I use ESET Smart Security and found two files in quarantine, unfortunaely not the two rxpGlnSim32.dll and rxpGTN\32\win.xpl.that he trying to rename but for rxpGNT\32\ is-OGDVH.tmp, and for rxpGtnSim32.dll is-HDUOA.tmp I can put them back, and tell ESET not to scan this files again. It only has no effect, the installer has three options, abort, try again or ignore, if you use the option try again, he does make a new .tmp file, and do not use the file I just put back Reinstall the GTN also does not work, because he creates new .tmp files and still not the files he trying to rename and tell, the system can not find the specified files (rxpGlnSim32.dll and rxpGTN\32\win.xpl) movefile failed code 2 in all two cases. I have considered to turn of ESET temporarily to install the plugin, if I definitely know that it works, but the risk is high. The trainer works perfectly, now the GTN750 in X-plane yet
  9. During the installation of the plugin in X-Plane 11 I get two error messages, trying to rename:rxpGlnSim32.dll and rxpGTN\32\win.xpl. I have searched for the files he trying to rename, but they do not exist. The installation of the trainer went well, and also works well, when I press the poweron button and I press on continue a few times, a vois tel that all tasks test ok. If I start the plugin in X-Plane 11 the GTN750 looks the same as the trainer, one difference there is no poweron button, so the screen stays black. He makes an .ini in the file of the plane, in the .ini file you can see that it should be on all times I installed a couple of times, but always the same error messages. And the screen still stays black. What Schould I do to get it working?
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