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  1. Thomas Kaira

    Former FS enthusiast returning to the field

    Yes, it was FlightAware I was remembering. I just pulled up a shourt-haul hop from Atlanta to La Guardia flown by a Delta MD-80: UGAAA4 > AHN J208 > HPW J191 > PXT KORRY3 > KLGA Easy enough to follow. Also, as I said, money was not the problem for me for getting my hands on the latest Airac cycle, payment options were. But I've taken care of that already and got my NavData up to date again. At this point, all that's left for me is easing myself back into the cockpit. I'll be starting with that Delta flight above.
  2. Thomas Kaira

    Former FS enthusiast returning to the field

    The US airports I have so far: KATL (ImagineSim) KBOS: Boston Logan (George Grimshaw) KEWR (ImagineSim) KJFK (FSDreamTeam) KLGA (ImagineSim) KMSY (ImagineSim) KORD (FSDreamTeam) KSEA (FlyTampa) KSFO (FlyTampa) <-- Aerosoft has a Mega Ariport San Fran now, I saw. PHNL (FSDreamTeam) TNCM (FlyTampa) Future add-ons will include KDFW and KLAX from FSDT, and perhaps KLAS, as well. Most of my EU airports need to be updated. I formerly used the SimWings version of Heathrow but now T5 is finished that scenery package needs to be replaced (likely by UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme). What I do have is SimWings Madrid Barajas and Aerosoft's Mega Airport Frankfurt. Those are the two I know I have that are up to date. Amsterdam was the Cloud9 version, but since Aerosoft has a Mega Airport Amsterdam now I'm going to replace it as Cloud9 is defunct. Also, I remember having a database long ago where I was able to retrieve route-flown info for airline flights which I would use for setting up the NavData (emulating real-world flights saves me the need for having to study sectionals, I won't go THAT far into it unless I'm actually employed by an airliner). I just need to be refreshed on the site and if it's still around. But even with all that, I have one little kink to get past: my bank is a bit stingy on international purchases, and I would like to talk to them about that before I continue (since Aerosoft is based in Germany, and last time I did an international purchase my debit card was temporarily frozen). And unfortunately I kinda need the NavData in the sim to be up to date for the current charts to be in any way useful.
  3. Thomas Kaira

    Former FS enthusiast returning to the field

    :lol: Anyways, roughly 90% of my scenery I was able to reinstall (LFPG will need a repurchase, most likely). I've also got a lot of catching up to do in terms of airports, mainly KDFW and KLAX from FSDT. I also saw that Aerosoft released a scenery package for Ted Stevens (PANC), which is interesting to me since one of my family members lived in Alaska for a while. Anotherspecific question: Where is the best place to get FMS navigation data for FS nowadays? Is it still Navigraph, or has another company come along?
  4. Thomas Kaira

    Former FS enthusiast returning to the field

    I would say I've been gone for about two years. Flight Interests: Airliners and airports capable of housing and servicing commercial jets. AES support preferred. Regions of interest: North America and Western Europe, as well as a smaller interest in Oriental (trans-pacific) flights.
  5. So, many years ago, Flight Simulator was my primary means of passing time, before I ended up losing the installation on a computer rebuild and never really bothered to put it back together again... until now. I had a lot of payware aircraft and scenery installed, and thanks to me having the foresight to record all of the purchase details each installer would ask me for, I am on the road to getting everything back up and running again. However, I have been out of the loop for quite awhile on recent developments for FS9 and would like a hand in getting back in touch with the latest (freeware and payware). What I know so far: FSDreamTeam sceneries: KDFW, KLAX are released, as well as a major update to KORD. AES: Major updates have been made. PMDG 737NG has been largely replaced by the iFly version. Any other developments? New planes, new scenery, etc.?