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  1. Hello! I'm using infinte flight on a Ipad and I'm loving it! Ground-effect missing As a long time flyer with MS Flight simulator (since more than 15 years) I like to make nice landings as real as posssible! But what I'm missing is ground-effect as with real planes. Normally when the plane (airliner) approach 10 to 20 meters above the ground you could take back the power lever smootly, reduce the descent rate to less than 100 fts/s and put the plane without to empty out a water glass. But with Infinite Flight the plane will fallen to stall in the same way if the plane is in the air (same speed and same flaps settings). So ground-effect is realy missing! Arrangement of Autopilot buttons The two buttons for altitude and VS where normally used at the same time. When you set a new altitude then a pilot will ajust the VS settings right after that. So better both buttons/settings are available on the same button-bar. Total NM and ETA of flight plan For better planning a flight incl. descent/ascent-rate and proper flight-level it would be nice when in map and in the hud will show the remain NM's and ETA (ETA only when in movement of course). Request for new scenery: A very good scenery with a lot of variety would be 'Switzerland' Europe! It isn't to big for Infinite Flight and you have a lot of mountains, but also big airports (Zurich, Geneva and Basle). What bigger actions it gives to fly a FA-18 over mountains peak down to deep valleys and land on Sion (a real jet airport) where in real world a FA-18 squadron is located? Fly from Zurich to the aiport Samedan near St. Moritz with a business to bring rich ski tourist. There where hundereds of variants to fly in this wunderful country and I'm sure alot of Infinite Flight pilots will love them! Greetings Aerni