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  1. Rookie-Diver

    Unable to Load / Play

    Well, it appears this may be my own fault as I just now found the system requirements; the minimum requirement says I need Windows 7. Will the program not run on XP at all? Thanks! Rook
  2. Hi, there. I'm a newly-minted diving enthusiast and I discovered your game through an article in a diving magazine. I immediately purchased a copy and installed it excitedly, only to have it crash.. and crash.. and crash. The first time I started it, I got as far as signing in and seeing the "Downloading content" bar in the lower right corner. It crashed to desktop upon completion. The next time, I got as far as the "Verifying content" bar in the lower right corner. It, again, crashed upon completion. The third and fourth times, I got to the next screen about "Chuuk Lagoon" only to have it crash to desktop. I'm fairly upset about this and I just want to play the game. I'd like to add the opening warning / disclaimer about being trained before you conduct a real dive is annoying when you have to wait so long for the "I understand" button to appear. Any assistance is appreciated! Rook