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  1. roryperi

    Failed FSX reload in Windows 8

    Many thanks for your suggestion Member 307.967 (sorry I can't address you by name). Every little bit helps.
  2. roryperi

    Failed FSX reload in Windows 8

    Thank you, Jim, for all your trouble in answering my query. If nothing else, I'm glad that I'm not the first with this particular problem.
  3. Some two months ago, I loaded a legal FSX Deluxe Edition without any problem and all went well. However, I recently tried to load the Acceleration disc, at the end of which I was asked to activate the installation. This proved to be impossible either online or by telephone (possibly because I had invoked FSX backward compatibility) and since I could no longer run FSX, I uninstalled it strictly in accordance with the excellent PMDG online guidance. However, when I try to reinstall FSX all goes well until I reach the end of Disc 2 when C:\...Licences\client-issuance-ppd xrm-ms file appears and a warning message comes up saying "Please insert disc", with no indication of which disc and bearing in mind that Disc 2 is still in the machine. Neither taking out that disc and re-inserting it nor inserting Disc 1 and pressing OK on the warning message makes any difference. Pressing Cancel on the same message just causes the installation to abort and roll back. This effectively means that I can no longer enjoy FSX and I wonder if even buying another copy of FSX would make any difference. Is there anyone out there who can kindly help me? Many thanks for looking.