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  1. Hi, I'm using Tomato shade version 25 with RD preset and Live Cockpit's aircraft reflections. Everything works great with every aircraft like PMDG 737, 777 and also the Aerosoft a320. The Problem is with the Quality wings 787, where when turning on the Landing lights or the wing lights, the light reflection is not shown either in the front fuselage, or the Engines. Looks the same even when updated to v26. Any Remedy??
  2. One thing I noticed is that, If I completely delete the panel folder and replace it with another panel(737-800 panel), the problem does not occur. By the way the tug appears when I enable pushback but it does not appear after loading the savepoint Now I'm 100% percent sure that the problem is with the panel folder(not the model), but cannot figure out which file is causing it.
  3. I noticed one thing that, if I dont use the pushback during new flight and saved it, during reloading, the tug does not appear. Don't know whether there is a way to remove the tug Ignore my previous comment....It is appearing once you load a savegame
  4. Thanks for looking into this issue charliearon. Let me know if you get a solution.
  5. Yes charliearon, the POSKY tug is making problem. When I select a new flight, no problem appears, I select pushback and the tug appears and it goes off when I disable. Once I save and reload the scenario, the tug appears
  6. Hi, After a long time, I returned to MS FSX, and decided to fly with my all time favorite Boeing 777-300ER. I downloaded POSKY Singapore airline package from simviation(Link:http://simviation.com/1/download?file=SIA_773ER_FSX.zip&fileId=49898). I did this: 1. I loaded the aircraft at a gate. 2. Since it is placed too front to the gate, I used push back(Shift + P) to align correctly with the line. The Posky push back tug appeared when i turned on the push back and went off when i turned the push back off. (Note : I used the native FSX push back option and not the POSKY push back) 3. I saved the simulation so that i could resume after a couple of hours. 4. Once I loaded the save point, i could see that the push back tug was in the nose gear and did not disappear even when i pressed Shift + P 5. It appears till I take off and get my gears inside. 6. Even during touch down at the runway, the push back tug appears. I am literally clueless what is causing the tug to appear, I have tried my best to sort it down, but in vain. So guys, please help me out with this issue. Am I the only one who has this issue?? Request help from you guys to sort this issue. It is horrible to see this mighty bird takeoff with the Push back tug.
  7. Hi, Can anyone provide me the intelliscene.cfg file of skyspirit boeing 777-9x please....
  8. Thanks charliearon, There are four texture files that caused the problem...Sorted out and now it is beautiful....
  9. Hi, This is Karthick from India. Recently i downloaded the aircraft skyspirit Boeing 777-9x from simviation (Link: http://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=boeing+777-9&x=10&y=19). Everything was fine except the logo lights. The logo lights at night were so bright, so that the logo of the airline is not visible. I also tried to locate the coordinates of logo light in aircraft.cfg but i can't identify which one is the logo light. So guys please help me sort out this problem.... Thanks in advance..... I am appending the coordinates of lights found in aircraft.cfg [lights] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing, 6=taxi, 7=recog, 8=wing, 9=logo, 10=cabin light.0 = 1, 28.5, 0, 12.4, fx_beaconh light.1 = 1, 4.75, 0, -9, fx_beaconh light.2 = 3, -127, 0, 4.5, Opensky_nav_yellow light.3 = 8, 32.7, -10.1, 1.3, Opensky_nav_yellow light.4 = 8, 32.7, 10.1, 1.3, Opensky_nav_yellow light.5 = 4, 105, 0, 5.4, Opensky_747_vclight light.6 = 2, -127.9, 0, 8.5, fx_strobeh light.7 = 4, 105, -2.2, 5.328, Opensky_747_vclight light.8 = 4, 105, 2.2, 5.328, Opensky_747_vclight light.9 = 8, 12.5, 23, 0, Opensky_nacelle_refl light.10 = 8, 12.5, -23, 0, Opensky_nacelle_refl
  10. Is it the link where i downloaded this aircraft u are asking or does it has any specific link on its own??? http://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=boeing+777&categoryId=&page=3&filename= The aircraft which i downloaded was the first one with emirates livery....
  11. Well there are options displaying when i press shift+8 or shift+9, But it doesn't specify anything about the tug....however i have deleted all the entries in the panel folder that contains the word "tow"...let me see whether it is working....Will get back to u guys in short.... Still the tug is appearing....is there a way to remove the posky's tug completely????
  12. No, there is no mention about pushback in either of these files to my knowledge....But im sure that the problem is not caused by the aircraft.cfg file...all is to do with those panels and it's cfg....correct me if i am wrong....
  13. HI guys, This is Karthick.... I downloaded a boeing 777-300er aircraft with JB panels for the cockpit.....Everything is going fine except one annoying factor is that whenever i land the aircraft on the runway, automatically posky's pushback tug appears at the nose gear while touch down....But this won't happen when i use other panels....So i know that the problem is from the panels folder..... So I need your help to identify the file that causes the tug to appear and to remove it......
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