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  1. Hello guys! Really enjoy this master piece with X-Plane 11.41 but I have an issue after updating in the last version. After creating a new flight plan by: Adding Departure + Arrival with +Wpt button Click on Auto Plan button Then click on Validate button Click on File button Connect to X-Plane 11.41 Ask IFR clearance, file is generated like: LFBD_LFPO_P2AFPL.fms When I open this file through ToLiss only Airports are displayed. Nothing else. Pilote2Atc And as you can see, if I put waypoints manually in the aircraft, sometimes I'm off course 😕 Previous structure file before the update?
  2. Hello Reiner, Thanks a lot! I did not see the checkbox... It's working perfectly now. For sure I will update AIRAC in both cases. Have a great week-end.
  3. Hello there, I'm in the 10days trial version of Pilot2ATC and after some tests to create a new IFR flight plan, I can't export it in the X-Plane FMS Plans folder. Procedure used: Select a Departure from the map Select a Destination from the map Click on Auto-Plan Then click on Validate + File Try to export my .fms file through "Exprt" function New popup appears with the correct folder https://imgshare.io/image/NpdKVn To finish click on "Export" but nothing happens. Version using: Pilot2ATC v2.6.1.1 x64 R3 with AIRAC 2004 https://imgshare.io/image/NpdGYY X-Plane 11.41+ToLiss A319 v1.4 with AIRAC 2005 Do you have some idea about this issue? Or maybe I missed something? Thanks a lot 🙂
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