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  1. Speedbird ATC

    PMDG MD 11 Autoland

    forget i said ANY OF THIS
  2. Speedbird ATC

    PMDG MD 11 Autoland

    yes,yes yes and yes
  3. Speedbird ATC

    PMDG MD 11 Autoland

    ok, I tryed to do the flight again and I can not confirm the v speedS! it does not change! and one cg was not calculated to cg I belive. Ok goodbye Md 11, hello 747!
  4. Speedbird ATC

    PMDG MD 11 Autoland

    sorry, I was just mad for some reason
  5. Speedbird ATC

    Which holds the crown PMDG NGX or Majestic Q400

    you meen when the "pro" edition is out
  6. Speedbird ATC

    Blackbox A300

    I am learning the PMDG MD 11 and 747 and I love them! the MD 11 was the first time I was constently playing with the fmc!
  7. Speedbird ATC

    PMDG MD 11 Autoland

    k, I did EVERYTHING the tutorial said, and instead of autolanding, the ******* autoland JUST CRASHES THE PLANE FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: two hours of my life gone forever! P.S PMDG should update the tutorial as gate 212 is nomore at more recent scenerys like uk2000 :wink:
  8. Speedbird ATC

    PMDG 747 400x weather radar

    Hi, is it possible to merge any wxr for use with the PMDG 747 400x ND?
  9. Congrats to those who won! to bad I did not.
  10. can I have a list of contest winners?
  11. Speedbird ATC

    RIP Peeky my beta fish

    when my mom told me we lost a pet I was worried that it was one of my chickens who lived MUCH younger then they should. Peeky, on the other hand lived for five years which is that normal max life span :lol:
  12. Speedbird ATC

    RIP Peeky my beta fish

    I buried her where I buried 2 other beta fish and I also placed their casstle and roman collum decorations their
  13. Speedbird ATC

    RIP Peeky my beta fish

    I miss her so much :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: please say a few words in respect :(
  14. Speedbird ATC

    Project Airbus A380 Review

    I might merge it with Wilco A380 and airbus evol
  15. Speedbird ATC

    FSX Long haul with ATC

    it does not lol, it alows you to fly sids/stars