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  1. stewart 11

    I am going to fly a Ikarus C42

    The information says "The flight will consist of a safety briefing before the flight and an introduction on the aircraft that will be flown" See This describes the trial flight. I hope you have a good experience and can put your flight simulator skill to the test!!! Stewart
  2. stewart 11

    I am going to fly a Ikarus C42

    Yes I know Barton fairly well as I occasionally fly in myself - I have a Skyranger microlight. Barton is very close to Manchester airport but the guys tend to keep clear of their airspace. Barton I believe is the oldest flying club/field in the UK and has little museum by the car park area which is open I think during the summer at the weekends. It's only a little hut but has some interesting info. You can also go up the tower to a viewing platform to watch the planes coming in. The flying school is Mainair A picture of the C42 Stewart I forgot to add this is Barton Airfield where you will be flying from (their web site) Stewart
  3. stewart 11

    I am going to fly a Ikarus C42

    Hi Ryan The C42 is a high wing Microlight here in the UK (looks a git like a Cessna) and is powered by a Rotax 912 which is a four stroke engine with duel ignition. They can take off and land from short grass strips. Where are you flying from? They are a side by side 2 seat with the control stick in the center between the two pilots and the throttle is between your legs. The plane is very maneuverable and easy to fly. I am sure you will get to have a go. If it is very hot thermic day then you will get bounced around a bit, but that's part of the fun. Regards Stewart
  4. Hi All Don’t know if this is the correct place to ask this if not apologies and a redirection to the correct place would be good. Can I ask how to turn the drivers back to the previous driver/update version on the Nvidea Inspector? The current version does not run as well on my system as the previous version. I have tried importing previous saved template, but the basic format does not change and the updated drivers are still in place. Thanks Stewart