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  1. ShaiGenis

    Looking for a graphics card

    Your helpful reply is much appreciated. I will look into some NVIDIA cards as I have read before, they are in fact the preferred choice for FSX. I apologize for carrying on this topic as it does seem resolved, but because you do seem to know of what you speak of, I must ask you. Are there any cards that you would recommend for my i3 that would, as you suggested, balance out my system? Best regards, Shai Thank you for warning me about AMD cards, I was completely unaware of this. As I wrote to Bert Pieke, you seem like you do know what you are talking about, so I should ask you this. Are there any cards that would, quoting you, be able to run from my PSU and not have my CPU bottleneck it? It would be much appreciated if you gave me a few suggestions. I will, of course, research graphics cards myself, but any suggestions are highly appreciated, especially since you and Bert have helped me this whole way. ^_^ Best regards, Shai
  2. ShaiGenis

    Looking for a graphics card

    Thanks for the quick reply. You seem to know what you are speaking of, so I will go ahead and ask you. Say I buy a $40 card, I believe I am referencing a "Raedon 5450" from a local electronics store, which has 1GB of memory, or a $300 card of some other sort, which also has 1GB of memory. Would there be any difference in FSX? I realize that newer, costlier cards have a lot of new technology, but would it make a difference in FSX?
  3. ShaiGenis

    Looking for a graphics card

    Sorry about the first quote, accident Would it not be logical though, that if I would have a 1GB card and AEX takes up 526MB (and say including my other addon, and FSX included would take up less than 1GB in total), I would achieve better performance? Correct me if I am wrong, but what this means is that FSX and all of its corresponding addons would not have to use up system RAM for graphics. Best regards, Shai
  4. Let me start off by suggesting that I am new to the forums. If I have placed this topic in the wrong section, I apologize, and ask for directions. Leaving that aside, I'll straight away explain that I have perused the internet for quite a while now, and after reading through many articles about this, I do not want to read another overclocking, new processor, new fan, new power supply, new house, new car type of comment. :wacko: I would like to know simply about a graphics card that will accommodate my needs for good, not great, but good, performance. I fly for Virtual Air Canada and with that, I fly the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended. This bird is wonderful in its handling, systems, and overall beautiful design. From its system requirements, the AEX needs a graphics card with 512MB of memory. From what I understand, this refers to the "dedicated video RAM." My simple Intel HD Graphics 2000 has but 64MB of memory. The AEX still flies, but my graphics are tuned down to allow for a suitable frame rate. From what I understand, if I had a 1GB card, this means there would not only be enough space for the AEX, but for FSX as well, and other addons which I might choose to buy at a later date. Having more than enough video RAM would allow for better performance, thus better frame rates. Are there any graphics cards that you guys would recommend taking a look at? I am looking for one that would allow me for better performance and at the same time would not break the bank? :rolleyes: Best regards, Shai PS -- I understand that for true performance, many things need to be done to my PC. For now, I would just like simple suggestions.