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  1. Hi, i have an issue with my MD-11, i just noticed that on route, NAV engaged, when approaching each waypoint the plane just starts to turn left, and than, when the waypoint is passed, he return back on route... it turn a few of degrees (10/15°), but this thing really annoy me... i'm writing you here to see if anyone had this problem yet and solved it, but i think i'll go write to PMDG support also... it's really, really annoying. Thank you in advice for your replies, and have a nice easter! Bye
  2. I'm sorry if i re-up this post, but i started to use this plane, i had the same problem, and now i think i solved this little mistery, for a plane very well made that deserve a chance. In poor words: the plane is made good, tha autopilot is made by word not allowed. The problem of the crazy vertical speed happens when the plane goes overspeed, and for overspeed, i mean the lower overspeed pre-disposed, the 0.82 Mach. Yes, there is a setting of minimum overspeed of 0.86, but the system keep maintaining as reference 0.82 Mach, so when we speed-up to 0.84/0.85, something in the code start to confuse, and thinking it's in overspeed, it starts to climb to make the plane decelerate, BUT! suddently the auto-throttle system start to see that the pitch increased, and to keep the speed it increase the throttle to, with N1 max references that are a lot high and allow the plane to climb with high speeds. SUMMARY: Taking as reference 0.82 as Overspeed the plane, at speeds above it, start auto-climbing to decrese, but auto-throttle start increase and doesn't allow speed to decrease. RESULT: this doesn't allow any system of the plane to command the pitch (as the Vertical speed command), you can solve only turning off auto-throttle and decresing manually the speed, to make him return to normal values. How to solve this for long flights: it's bad to say, but only maintain speeds max to 0.81 mach... or the problem will ever happen. Second: considering weather changes are also crazy in some situations, as real climate conditions or IVAO conditions, that for example if you now have a headwind of 10 knots, in a bit of seconds it can change in a tailwind 30 kts wind, confusing so the autopilot... the answer is to make the throttle response more delicate, and not violent, so what to do? Simply instead setting the CRZ as MAX N1, set the FLX T.O. and change it to lower values... consider CRZ at FL360 is 110 of N1, i set FLX T.O. to be 103 N1 and it's a lot more delicate. After all of this, it will keep auto-saving from overspeed, but it will be more rare and most important thing, it will be a lot more controllable. I hope my words will help people with this problem, because the plane is really valid.
  3. Hi all, it's the first time that i write in this forum! I'm Federico, from Italy and i have a little question on INS system of the ClS 742. If i enter in a controlled airspace, and the controller says to me to go direct to a waypoint (that can and can't be setted in my INS), how can i go direct to that waypoint? I was thinking to that old pilots that had only the INS and a lot of charts, in that situation, how the pilots do? I'm sorry for my english mistakes, and i say thankyou for all the answers! Federico