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  1. Alexee84

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    Don't you guys forget, that NGX has already 3 SPs. I think the 777 will become at least as sophisticating as the 737 is right now after one or two Service Packs. I got answer from the support, concerning my sound stutter issue. It is already know and being fixed in SP1. I tried a defrag, and this nearly solved all stutter problems and lets the outside model load a lot faster. I think, the installer messed everything around the HDD
  2. Alexee84

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    I use an SB Audigy Soundcard, not the newest but Never had any issues with it in FSX nor anywhere Else. The Card is selected in the PMDG options as Default Sound device, so i doubt there is any onboard Sound involved. My HDD ist defraged on a regualar Basis. Frames are okay so far, Arrondissement 25 FPS Even on Add on Aiports. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. Alexee84

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    Please keep us up to date! I don't have this Problem with any other plane ( including NGX) Frames on Approach and Landing are Good ( around 25 FPS) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  4. Alexee84

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    This is exactly my case. Especialy microstutter on Touchdown is pretty annoying. Frames overall are a bit less than the NGX. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  5. Alexee84

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    UAE56 DUS-DXB :wub: