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  1. SOLUTION: (For me anyway) I use a 3rd party product called ReShade. I know this is popular for many other users. This solution was shared to me by Tomatosalat. Thank you @scandinavian13 and @mfrantz for attempting to help solution the issue. PSA: If the login part for navigraph doesn't work for you (white display only), it might be because of reshade. • Go to your P3D folder • Locate the file dxgi.dll <- thats reshade • Rename it to dxgi.dll.off • Start P3D, start the 747-8 and do the Login process within the EFB • Close P3D after its done • Rename the file back to dxgi.dll Continue to be wonderful at what you do guys! Sincerely, Austin Petteway
  2. Gotcha, I'll wait a bit and report back if it still does not work. Thanks! Austin Petteway
  3. Good Afternoon! When selecting Terminal Charts from the EFB of the 747-800F Navigraph attempts to validate. The pop-up window, however, is completely white. I do have IE11+ installed... but cant seem to get the ability to login. Any ideas? https://i.imgur.com/eHer1HS.png Any help is greatly appreciated, Austin Petteway
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