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  1. le_mob20

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Mh ok..thank you for your answer :). Are there any information about the engine climb seetings around? With Climb Thrust set to 90% and a TOW of 13.000 LBS i reach FL450 within 5 Minutes....i know this bird is a little rocket but this is a bit insane, isn't? And one more question about the IAS Mode: Normally, this mode works in other private jets like FL Change in a Boeing. The autopilot change the pitch of the aircraft to keep a the desired speed. In the GLJ, i have to use the vertical speed mode? Is that correct?
  2. le_mob20

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Now it's working :). Thank you very much for the support. What a lovely plane!! But one (hopefully) last question: When i switch on landing lights and /or taxi lights, the whole cockpit is illuminated. Anyone with the same problem?
  3. le_mob20

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    So there is no F1 GTN Virtual Cockpit integration? Is that correct? :/
  4. le_mob20

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    My fault....i don't know why but the P3Dv4 engine sound settings were reduced to 0%.
  5. le_mob20

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    Hey guys, i just bought the Lear for P3D v4.1. Unfortunately, i have no engine sound, only some click-spot-sounds...can anyone help?