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  1. Here is how the real B777 works. On a v1 cut if VNAV is engage it will automatically set MCT at flaps up. If VNAV is not engage when flaps are up press FLCH or CLB/CON to set MCT. But none of them did select MCT. -1# = one engine out V1 cut is one engine out at TO MCT is Max Continuous Thrust (CON on the EICAS of the B777)
  2. Simply because this is the symbol we use in loads of real companies for one engine out. -1# or V1 cut But I ll use more generic words next time sorry. The thrust button did not change any thing. I ll try again as soon I have time and report further if I am able to get MCT.
  3. I have tried to do a V1 cut. All goes well until I press FLCH after the Flaps are up. It does not give MCT but CLB...