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  1. This story has a happy ending, though an unexpected one! Prior to the motherboard failing (it was fine with FSX until it failed), I was unable to get the Eaglesoft software working, despite my considerable technical skills. I tried every single suggestion above and others I found in postings on other sites. No dice...didn't work. Who knows why? Could be FSX's fault for all I know. Or not. All I know is this technical guy couldn't get it to work. The PC was returned. Then I light bulb went off. I had an old but fast XP machine in the garage ready for a trip to the recycler. It had FS9 on it and MegaScenery...and even a 1920 hyper fast video card I installed myself. So I fired her back up and everything worked. Then, I purchased Eaglesoft's FS9 version. 10 minutes later I was up and running. This is a great product and it does most of what I need. To N400QW: As a software developer myself, I know it's not unusual to have teething pains with a new product on a new version of Windows. It usually takes my developers weeks or months to work them all out. Not until many people try installations do you even hear about the problems. My suggestion to you: Consider listening to your customers who are having problems instead of insulting them in private e-mails and in public. The hallmark of good management is to listen and respect the customer, even when you think the customer is an idiot (which you obviously do in this case). This approach allows you to "rise above" and demonstrate you are truly customer-focused. This is the first time in my life I have been insulted for trying to get someone's product working. Your product is great. I will tell others about it and have already presented it to my Flight School as a recommendation for students. I purchased the FS9 version online last night. I hold no grudge against you personally, and wish you all the best! I consider this matter closed and do not plan to monitor additional exchanges. Thanks all. In spite of the challenges, we should support this vendor who is doing great things for our hobby!
  2. Like Jetline, FlightCity builds custom FS Systems. I've seen many positive comments on Jetline. Any experience out there with FlightCity? Thanks, members!
  3. N2056...Interesting question! Ultimately, to evolve or not evolve with the world is Eaglesoft's choice. But in a world where technology moves fast, a decision to "freeze" development on a platform is, in the long run, a decision to stop innovating and to eventually stop selling. I say that as a person who leads technical innovation in one of the world's largest media companies. I would NEVER freeze development on a platform, lest I go out of business. What has happened to developers who stopped with Apple II+ compatible software? Some survived and some didn't. I don't think anyone would claim that any of those who survived stuck with their Apple II+ platform. Also, does everyone know that Windows XP support STOPS next year? That means if you run on XP, you'll soon be even more vulnerable to viruses and other hazards. Eventually, Eaglesoft will either adapt or die. I am simply a customer who is pointing out that when a technical guy like me spends the better part of a weekend reading tech blogs trying to get someone's software to work, SOMETHING IS WRONG. Eaglesoft has a potentially wonderful product. I hope they evolve it to Windows 8 and beyond. I will close with the final message I got from Eaglesoft support; I do hope they will "see the light" in the long run: "The Cirrus works with Win8 according to users who have FSX SP1/SP2 or Acceleration installed and who follow Win8 instructions as outlined. Correct, we don’t support those who ignore common sense/knowledge. Best Regards, Eaglesoft Support Staff"
  4. Well, this story ended for me today. My Lenovo Erazer died...bad motherboard. So I get to start over and will NOT purchase Windows 8. In fact, after wasting a whole weekend on this, I think I'll buy a pre-built system from someone who knows what they are doing. Any recommendations on Sim package builders? Will any of them bundle Eaglesoft Cirrus, pre-tested, ready to go, no hassles?
  5. Maybe I have a newer version (or older) of W8. There is no such path: Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Action Center/Problem Reporting Settings/Never check for solutions. Also, my Windows Defender when I can find it says it's off completely. I will try the suggestions above tonight. If the statement, "your post is in error" was meant for me, sorry it's not in error. I have a vanilla brand new W8 computer, very high end, and it only has one installed program on it: FSX. FSX works great until I try to use the Cirrus. All I know is it doesn't work, and being a pretty darn technical guy, there's something going on here that does not meet the eye. Hope I can figure it out tonight.
  6. Thanks, Hans! I have Windows Defender turned off completely, since all I have on this PC is FSX.
  7. For the record, the above solution does not fix the problem. It helps. The above symptoms are AFTER disabling Defender per your Sticky. Before disabling Defender, Eaglesoft kills FSX completely. It won't even boot. It's worst if Cirrus is the default flight. If Cirrus is selected AFTER FSX boot-up, at least it works (sort of). But see above for the problems. I get that you are a W7 shop. But the world is moving to W8, so why not listen and migrate with your customers? It's hard to find a PC now that doesn't come with W8 loaded (like the one I bought). And downgrading is costly and not easy. FSX supports and works with W8. I suggest that it would be in your interest to have your otherwise fantastic product do the same! In the meantime, anyone out there have any ideas on my problems? I'm guessing I'll be the first of many!
  8. So I finally bought a new PC to use Eaglesoft's Cirrus add-on to help me with avionics, navigation, and IFR training (I'm a real pilot). Well, with everything installed, Eaglesoft informed me that their software doesn't run yet on Windows 8: "Good for you but we do not run Win8 and can’t assist more than we have already. The Cirrus series works well on Win7 and that is our suggestion. Best Regards, Eaglesoft Support Staff" That leaves me with an option to downgrade to Windows 7 (a major hassle, I assume, not to mention an expense, as Microsoft does not allow downgrades on the consumer version). So I thought I'd start this thread about Eaglesoft and Windows 8. I've seen another post, but not one that really nails all the issues I'm having. So, here first post is my first problem: Booting and sound. Problem 1: When launching the Cirrus plane in FSX, the PC "hiccups", has trouble starting up, and the sound starts and stops in fits until it finally settles down after about a minute. When exiting (not sure if this is related), the exit is extremely slow, and hangs. Eventually, it disappears altogether. When you try to relaunch FSX, the PC thinks it's already running. Only a hard shutdown cures the problem.Any ideas?