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  1. ruudg


    Hello Dan and Barry, I had read again the manuals and found the solution for this problem. It was indeed the Realistic Autopilot Engagement. So it solved my problem. Thanks for your help. Ruud de Groot
  2. ruudg


    Thank you Dan and Barry, I had read the manuals at the beginning, but it is sometimes difficult theorie. And i fly now for a few months with the 737 and learn everyday more. So i shall read the introduction manual and the tutorials again. Mabey it will help me further. Thanks again for your help. Ruud de Groot
  3. ruudg


    Hello, When i wanted to fly, my CMD knob doesn't will do it. I must push the button many times before it will start. Can anyone solve this problem. Excuse me for my english. Thanks. greatings by Ruud
  4. ruudg

    installing problems, help me please

    oke, thank you for your answer and i send a ticket to pmdg. After that the problem was solved. i blocked the firewall. That was the problem. Now i can fly with the boeing.
  5. ruudg

    installing problems, help me please

    yes my time and day are correct. i don't know what you mean.
  6. Hello members, I have installed the 737 NGX. Everything was ok. Then i started FSX and i chanched the aircraft into PMDG 737NGX 800. After that a pop up asked the registration key. I filled it in (copy-paste) and then a message said that it was wrong because there is no connection with internet??? Then FSX closed. I have checked my internet and other configurations, but everyting was ok!!! I had done it several times, but everytime it was the same problem. What can i do? Thanks, Ruud