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  1. Speedbird7

    ntdll.dll CTD P3D v4

    Hi Jim I flew this flight (BAW117) yesterday in real time and it was as smooth as silk. Not a hiccup or stutter anywhere. Yesterday's NAT F took me slightly further north and I crossed into Canada over Labrador. For me, at least, I lay the blame with ORBX Vector and I will keep it disabled from here on. You're obviously like me Jim. I cannot just shrug my shoulders and say 'it's just part of flightsimming'. Unless I sort it then it's likely to limit my activities 'across the pond' and since a lot of BA's 744 operations are to the US then it stops me flying around 50% of the 744 schedules. Since the QOTS is fast disappearing in the real world I just want to enjoy her while I can. Of course, if I encounter the error again, in the same area, then I will report back here.
  2. Speedbird7

    ntdll.dll CTD P3D v4

    I've had this fault twice this week flying BAW117 LHR-JFK. Both times the CTD was after crossing into the Gander Domestic FIR and shortly before reaching the Oceanic exit point, first at RIKAL and the second at ELSIR. Both are close to Newfoundland. I am aware from several threads on this topic that these CTD's are always at the Canadian border and always on westbound flights. There are no problems flying eastbound. This got me thinking that it could well be a scenery issue. If you load up and depart from a US airport heading east it's quite likely that all of your active US scenery will load whilst you are setting up your aircraft. However, flying from the UK it's quite likely that the US scenery won't load until you get close. Maybe the developer will create a trigger to load it at the FIR boundary? This might explain why it always occurs at the boundary whether you are at Newfoundland, Labrador or farther north. So what looked like the most likely culprit? ORBX Vector was my guess. So I disabled it and set off at 4x speed to the final Oceanic waypoint and then at normal speed towards the Canadian boundary and the Oceanic exit point at ELSIR. I crossed the boundary, continued to ELSIR and onwards to JFK. No hint of any problem. At this stage I'm only cautiously optimistic since this fault can be caused by many things software or hardware related. The next test will be to fly the whole flight at normal speed and to see what happens. Fingers crossed. I'll update here in due course.
  3. Speedbird7

    Chaseplane crashes all the time

    Same problem here with P3D V3. Using V0.2.118 mapped keys no longer work, views switch randomly, impossible to pan around as view just 'jerks'. I had to close Chase Plane in order to finish my flight. To be honest there have been similar issues from the last few updates. CP worked consistently well six months ago. I'm not sure what's going on here.
  4. Speedbird7

    Middle Mouse Button Changed?

    Sadly MMB still not working here. V0.1.710 installed. It's been like this for about 4 days.
  5. Speedbird7

    Camera constantly rising slowly

    I've got the same problem using FSX-SE with the FS Labs A320. I am entering data in the MCDU when the view moves quite quickly up towards a distant overhead panel. I can bring it back down a couple of times and then it moves up again simultaneously crashing FSX. It has happened 3 times today and was occurring the other day in P3D too. I have the latest version of Chase Plane. I'm only pressing MCDU keys and so the camera view shouldn't be changing. Any advice gratefully accepted.