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  1. When I try to start the engines I can get one started but as soon as I try to start the other engine, the first one dies out. what am I doing wrong. wschneid
  2. wschneid

    Installing Meatwater voices

    Hi, I installed your files and everthing seemed to go alright. However, although the voices were a little more intelligible than the default voices, I still have difficulty with incomplete instructions and barely intelligible voices. The default RC voice were merely static and even now the voices seem 'clipped'. I have FSX and I run Windows 7. I have RC 4.38 and have had nothing but problems. I have used previous versions with earlier versions of FS and have never experienced the sound problems I am having. All the sounds in FSX, including ATC sound fine. Do you have any ideas how to make RC voices sound better? Bill Schneider