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  1. hopkins.logan

    JS41 Nav Issues

    Aha! That'd be a very sensible explanation - I knew it would be because I wasn't doing something right Thanks!
  2. hopkins.logan

    JS41 Nav Issues

    Hi I have only encountered this problem after recently formatting my C: drive and reinstalling windows, FSX, and all my addons, but about 50% of the time when I switch to NAV mode, the JS41 will ignore the LNAV route and turn to 360 degrees. I have the navigation display set to LNV and can see the programmed route, but the autopilot takes no notice. Entering a direct to routing into the FMC does nothing. NAV mode still seems to work in VOR/LOC mode and all other autopilot functions work as expected, just seems like the LNAV route isn't getting through to the autopilot for some reason. I have only had this problem twice out of four flights since my reinstall, the other two times it worked flawlessly. Am I doing something wrong? Should I try reinstalling the aircraft? Any advice would be appreciated! -Logan