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  1. same thing happening to me. Windows 10 Home 19044.1706 Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0 English United States with unicode UTF-8 Microsoft Edge Version 101.0.1210.39 (Official build) (64-bit)
  2. Is there a way to change the women voice ? the current one is not the same voice as in real life.
  3. Yes Thank you @starefly for making this video. This is exactly what is happening on my end. Hopefully there's a fix to this annoying problem.
  4. no its not the standard FSX mouse bug. that's normal, but that bug is very minimal on my system. when I load the NGX 737 I don't get that problem. NGX performs smooth as butter.
  5. Hello, I'm getting a really annoying FPS drop every time I hover the mouse over anything that's clickable in the VC. For example, I move the mouse to a switch and FPS drops from 30 to 15. After a second the FPS goes back to normal. This can be frustrating when making heading SEL changes during flight you really notice the lag. Note that I did not experience this issue with earlier versions of QOTSII. This does not happen with other addon aircraft. Only on Both 744 & 748. FSXSE Win10 (Everything is updated)
  6. well the thing is im trying to figure out how to set up a key command for turning the heading knob clockwise & counter clockwise (increase / decrease). hopefully the developer can help on this. since theirs no explanation on how to do this in any of the manuals.
  7. no i dont have Spad.next. i have the original version 0.5.1.
  8. any help on this. kinda disappointed that theirs no documentation on this subject.
  9. So I'm trying to set up 'key commands' in the events tap for my multi panel. I cant figure out the parameters section. so for the Heading knob which I think is 'AP_HDG_VAR' what do I enter in the parameters section for turning the knob clockwise & counter clockwise ? also what is 'AP_HDG_LIM' command ?
  10. I've already tried the black outer knob all the way clockwise. still nothing. basically I tried all knobs that has to do with WXR. in precipitation
  11. by intensity do you mean the CAL rotary. yes I played with all tilt included and nothing.
  12. Not sure if this is a config error or install issue. But, I turn on WXR and use tilt and CAL, and nothing ever paints on the display during precipitation. I have Active Sky set on WX Radar client in the manager, and AS2016 on a network config. How ever the Terrain radar feature works well. but no WXR. also be advised the Co-Route entry was not working at all. The installer does not come with a Routes folder. I had to Manually create a new folder and label Routes. And now it works. FSXSE W10 Home
  13. Thank you very much Jim for your help. I will try all that you suggested, I certainly do not want to reinstall windows and fsx as I have a huge library of addons. Quick question on scenery.cfg, if you rebuild does that mean all your addon scenery is removed? If so do I have to reinstall if the issue is with in the cfg file?
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