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  1. BenFlat

    PC (not ".au)"=Bucket Shop

    which websites are you guys referring to, com or I too have purchased many products from without a hitch @ CAI airport anchorage for x-plane, I would've bought from (where i already haven an account) but they don't sell it.
  2. I've never posted before after 6 years of lurking but after an experience with pcaviator last week I felt I should share my experience so hopefully others won't fall trap. Basically I purchased a product (instant download) from their website, it took 72 hours and 4 e-mails to eventually get the licence key for a so called "instant download" product. They proceeded to send me a license key which didn't work and despite another 10 e-mails over the course of 9 days they have ignored me completely. I run many businesses myself, dry cleaning , beauty parlous, nails bars etc. but never selling digital products so I have no experience in this area, what I can tell you though, is that this isn't how you operate a business, ignoring customers. PC AVIATOR guarantees response within 48 hours from their generic e-mails which they send out after contacting support which is what makes me believe they are purposely ignoring my e-mails. Anyway rant over but be careful with these , I also wouldn't be surprised if this post gets deleted because AVSIM probably has pcaviator on their payroll for advertising, either way I'm just trying to warn people to be careful with I have purchased many products from without a hitch however they are seperate entities (I had to make a new account top use but .au didn't have the product I wanted Ben Thomas