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  1. journo89

    Beirut Approach

    Hi all This is my first post in any forum discussing an enjoyable approach. I don't normally discuss these because I figure we all have our favourite areas in which to fly, but on this particular occasional I had to share. Using OLBA X, I flew from Jeddah to Beirut. Jeddah, in my opinion, is completely dull, but the approach into runway 3 at OLBA was something else. Straddling a hillside and the ocean, coming in from the south, one gets to enjoy the entire city lights at dusk coming in, with the Mediterranean Sea to the left and the city to the right. The atmosphere at dusk was hugely enjoyable, with a good level of traffic. Add the lights of FTX Global and the water and weather effects of REX + Overdrive and it has fast become one of my favourite places to fly, and I recommend you all give it a shot. Tom
  2. journo89

    IPC timed out all retried

    Hi JD. Cheers for your suggestion. I tried that and it's still giving the error. I have gone thru the manual and can't see where I am going wrong. Any other thoughts? Cheers.
  3. Hi all I have just purchased RCv4, and when I click START RC having loaded my FP, i get an error message "IPC timed out all retried". I have tried FPs from CaptainSim and FSX. I apologise if that has already been resolved elsewhere, but I couldn't find a search option in the forums. Cheers.