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  1. gdavej


    Following my earlier post, I just re-ran the "Tune Performance" optimizer within Alienware Support Assist. Before running it, PMDG Operations Centre showed the 737,747 and 777 all installed on my AW laptop, after, all 3 had vanished from the Op Centre, so my problem was caused by Dell software. I'll report this to their Support staff. Hopefully if anybody else has a similar problem, this will help. David Jones
  2. gdavej


    I'd like to jump in too. I have exactly the same problem... 737,747 and 777 all showing in P3Dv4.2, but Ops Centre shows nothing installed. I also have an Alienware laptop, which recently received the upgraded Support Assist app, and I did run the optimizers (Clean Files, Tune Performance and Remove Viruses & Malware) in it a few days ago. The aircraft were also missing from the Uninstall Programs list in Programs and Features. I think all this together with earlier posts may point the finger at the AW Support Assist app. All was fine 2 weeks ago, ran the optimizers a week ago, and spotted the Ops Centre problem today. I've already reinstalled the 737 and 747, and they now show again in the Uninstall Pgms list, as well as showing in the Operations Centre. I held off on the 777 re-install, to try to get some idea what was happening. David Jones
  3. gdavej

    P3D v3 and 4 Problems after 777 Install

    Everything is okay now. Careful examination of the P3Dv4 files showed a corrupted scenery.cfg file. No idea how this happened, but once I restored the scenery.cfg from a backup, I got my aircraft showing again in the Vehicle window. The problem with P3Dv3 was, I think, a hiccup, since it started okay later. Wish they would improve the installer though. David Jones (no comments about the Monkees or David Bowie please :-)
  4. Just tried installing the latest 777-200 to both P3D v3 and P3D v4. Installed to both at the same time, and now I have problems with both sims. P3Dv4 starts up okay, but then all I see in the Vehicle window is a blank screen. I can see all the aircraft, including PMDG 777-200 listed, but selecting any aircraft just shows that same blank screen in the Vehicle window. Starting the scenario, loads very quickly, obviously not loading any aircraft, or even scenery. Everything was fine before installing the 777-200. P3Dv3 seemed to crash before even getting to the startup screen. I uninstalled in both sims, and now P3Dv3 starts up okay, but P3Dv4 still shows a blank Vehicle screen, and thus doesn't load any aircraft. Another point... the installer provides an option to install in both v3 and/or v4, with a message that seems to imply that if I install in v3 this time, I can rerun the installer and select v4 next time. This doesn't work, having installed in either sim, on the next exec of the installer, just get the option to repair/uninstall. David
  5. I have the Aerosoft A320 with RAAS for Airbux X Series (locked version) installed. Yesterday, I received a popup on starting P3D to update RAAS. I did so, by downloading v2.3.1.7, and installed it. When I tried to restart P3D, I got an error... "Procedure entry point Simconnect_Text could not be located in the dynamic link library simconnect.dll". Since P3D had been working fine before the RAAS update, it was fairly obvious what caused my problem. I uninstalled RAAS. Sure enough, P3D now started without any error. However, it also now started without tacpack being loaded. I checked the dll.xml file, and it had been screwed up by the RAAS uninstall. The uninstaller removed the following lines... <Launch.Addon> <Name>RAASPRO</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>.\RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> ie it removed the Launch.Addon leading tag in the next section. An easy thing to fix of course, by reinserting the Launch.Addon leading tag. I don't have any problems now starting P3D, although of course, I don't now have the locked version of RAAS installed. But I wanted to add this thread in case anybody else has similar issues. In particular, the uninstall problem could be hidden by the fact that only modules added after RAAS would not be loaded, and the resolution of this issue would be difficult for somebody not conversant wih xml.
  6. gdavej

    Two Problems

    Yes, that did the trick. Looks like P3Dv2.5 is in need of another hotfix. I guess this problem affects every weather preset, I thought I'd seen some behaviour in your weather themes that didn't seem to tally with the description, obviously this is the cause of that too. Many thanks for tracking it down.
  7. gdavej

    Two Problems

    The issue has to have been caused by either PrecipitFX or 777Immersion, since it wasn't present before I installed those products. In addition, the effect I'm seeing appears to be typical of the intended effect of PreciptFX, albeit a rather magnified effect. The product might have been out for 10 months, but that doesn't imply the code is 100% bug free... I work in software development and I know there is no such thing as bug-free code.I would appreciate some assistance in tracking down this problem, since I am not prepared to spend a week re-installing P3Dv2.5 with all sceneries and aircraft I currently have installed.
  8. gdavej

    Two Problems

    I uninstalled PrecipitFX, and I still see the issue with the Mustang. I also uninstalled 777 Immersion, although I noticed that the additional weather themes still existed after the uninstall, so I'm not sure how effective the uninstall process was. I can't believe though that this issue is caused by some other addon, since all I've installed are aircraft and sceneries, and I didn't notice the problem until after I'd installed PrecipitFX.
  9. gdavej

    Two Problems

    I tried cycling through all the weather themes, and they all seemed okay other than the Fair weather theme, which unfortunately is the one I always use. It was this theme that gave me the sudden onset of rain. I tried loading a Warbirdsim Mustang and using the Fair Weather theme, and this gave the following effect: Obviously, with that cloud on the front fuselage obscuring the view from the cockpit, the plane is practically unflyable. I also bought the 777 Immersion package and installed that at the same time... don't know if this has any impact? I can see that this package did install 3 additional weather themes. Not sure what you mean when you ask "Have you changed it manually before?" When I create a simple scenario, I just select aircraft, location, weather (almost always FairWeather) and fly. And of course, I didn't notice any issues before installing PrecipitFX.
  10. I just purchased PrecipitFX and installed it in P3Dv2.5, I initially installed all 4 effects. I'm getting a couple of issues: The first issue: without using any weather engine, and selecting the Fair Weather theme in P3D, whilst in the aircraft, rain suddenly starts falling for a brief while. This has happened a couple of times, most notably when I was sat on the runway at Doha in Qatar... not a place renowned for it's monsoon season! The second issue seemed to be caused by the Contrails effect. Directly behind the aircraft, whilst on the runway, I would see a large cloud appear, this happened both with propeller aircraft like the Constellation and a Jet fighter like the F16. At one time, whilst on the runway at Dallas Fort Worth, I saw some foggy cloud away from the aircraft around the terminal buildings. These effects can be seen below. When I uninstalled the contrails effect, the foggy cloud did not show.