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  1. paolofazz

    NGX sound problem

    Thank you guys!!! my sound option where on 5.1 but actually i have a 2.1, so i put my sound back to stereo... now it works perfectly!!!
  2. paolofazz

    NGX sound problem

    Hello guys, i have a weird problem on my NGX, if i'm in hte cockpit with the engines running and my visual point is straight ahed on the rwy i can't hear the engine sound but only the cockpit enviromental sound...if my visual is turned around the cockpit i hear the engine sound... how is it possible? and how can i fix it? with the 777 i don't have this problem it works perfectly! and also others addons thnx
  3. paolofazz

    EGLL Runway error

    it work if i have FSX running?