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  1. DTroup

    Gate(s) Not Recognized In FMS

    Thanks gentlemen! Dan
  2. DTroup

    Gate(s) Not Recognized In FMS

    Thanks for the quick response. Are there any published instructions regarding how to do the properly? edit: I think I see it now. Is it as simple as adding the following to the corresponding file in this format? GATES Gate 1 N XX xXX.XXXXX W XX XX.XXXX ENDGATES
  3. Greetings All, This isn’t a huge issue and doesn’t affect position accuracy but I’m unable to enter “Gate” numbers in the FMS on the “POS INIT” page when setting up a flight. The scratch pad error always advises “Not In Database”. My AIRAC cycle is currant and I’ve tried entering them upon each setup at multiple airports with the same result. Would anyone have an idea where or what I’m failing to do correctly? Dan Troup