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  1. Radar57


    Thanks for Your response. "" Have to copied the correct code for the right pmdg Aircraft, copying and pasting is the best method "" Alredy it has done in many times. With both 600/700 and 800/900 that with the respective activation codes. But in all cases it appears that the code is wrong, while it is not so. It's very annoying to regular user. I hope some of PMDG is able to give decisive answers. Thanks Carlo Merli Italy
  2. Radar57


    Sorry for my english. I Have full product PMDG with code activation for total product registrered on CD memory. But now open FSX and the product required code activation for every plane PMDG. I insert the code and the activation is wrong to fruition. How to solve the problem !?? I am a bit angry with PMDG for this problem. I hope I have written understandable. Thanks for the answer of someone. Carlo Merli Italy
  3. Radar57

    PMDG BAe JS4100 not work

    But de reference of buy is not the key activation. I put it for reference to PMDG. However I have solved the problem of activation of the product, but now I have a problem with the sound of the engines. The sound is din, is at least equal to the maximum and minimum speed of the motors, the same both inside and outside the aircraft. The ATC message is enaudible. Carlo
  4. Hello. I changed my computer last year. I reinstalled FSX and all the addons connected. I have the PMDG 747, the MD11 and the JS4100. With the latter I can not fly any more because I do not recognize the license key. All panels off. What should I do? order 151629 code NLR6231268995 Thanks for help Carlo Merli