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  1. Will the redesign be vista 64 comparable too please Dave
  2. Jaspar

    Fuel gauge problem

    Hi Reinhard Just an update on my problem i have finaly got my fuel gauges to read properly but a little confused as to why the only way to get the gauges reading was to used the x plane gauges and set to tank 3 for the centre tank and tank 7 for the centre 2 tank trying with the FSX gauge just doesnt pick up any data from FSX? problem solved.
  3. Jaspar

    Fuel gauge problem

    Yes fsx and using the fsx gauges not the x plane ones although I have tried them too. Panel builder v2.7 installed along with efis (gps and milladdon purchased but not loaded yet ) although gauges didn't work on v 2.6 either but hadn't had time to post on here to ask for help until now. Aircraft is sky sim Bae hawk As said the fsx single fuel gauge works correctly for the centre tank but not for centre 2 tank. No contents shown on EFIS gauges. Will reload my mil addon gauges and see if they work or not to help within fault finding Thanks in advance Thanks Forgot to add I'm using the simconnect interface will also try the Fsuipc interface to see if this works
  4. Hi I'm having problems trying to get the fuel gauges to read my fuel levels I have a Bae hawk sim pit and the aircraft has two fuel tanks marked centre and centre 2 In panel builder I have can get the standard fsx single fuel gauge read the centre tank but it does not read the centre 2 tank The EFIS gauges will not pick up any date at all . All gauges are showing port 42004 v 2.7 installed I have tried all available options in the gauge settings box but only the fsx single gauge set to centre works. Help please David
  5. Hi a simple question hopefully Do I plug the thrust master mfd and load the button mapper software to the panel builder pc or to the main fsx pc. Thanks David Hatton
  6. Jaspar

    Panel builder autostart

    Thanks again bob Done and working perfectly. Now I just need to upgrade to 2.7 and play with the new GPS gauge Thanks again bob Done and working perfectly. Now I just need to upgrade to 2.7 and play with the new GPS gauge
  7. Jaspar

    Panel builder autostart

    Thanks Bob I will try that tomorrow when I get into my sim. I know there would be a simple solution
  8. Hi is it possible to make panel builder auto load and start with the instruments showing when the pc is booted up(I know how to. Get panel builder onto the startup menu but not how to make panel builder then select the gauges and run the gauges I have a two panel system (2licenced USB dongles) with both screens located behind an instrument panel within cut outs for the relevant gauges. So it Is difficult to move the mouse around to select the run gauges button etc. I hope to be able to just switch on the pc,s and panel builder would load automatically to then display the gauges automatically awaiting me to run the fsx interface on the fsx pc. I also plan that these 2pc will be able to operate without a keyboard or mouse one I get this part working