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  1. Filmogriter

    Runt-time error 9

    Thanks for the responses guys. I re-installed RC4, then rebuilt the data base and that seems to have fixed the problem. If it happens again I will let you know and do a log file. I think doing a re-install of FSX after the atc.dll fatal errors may have had something to do with it. RC4 is a great program and worth every cent. It's frustrating to have to fly without it these days. Cheers Sean.
  2. Filmogriter

    Runt-time error 9

    Thanks for your reply John. Yes I do have the latest FSUIPC (downloaded just a few days ago). I also seem to have (in addition to the above), a massive delay between instructions and keystroke options. For example ATC gives me take off clearance and no option to respond appears on the menu for sometimes up to a minute, maybe even more. This also happens when I respond or acknowledge. The voice response is extremely delayed. I did have to re-install FSX a couple of weeks back due to atc.dll crashing the program all the time. Could that have something to do with the run time error? Cheers.
  3. Filmogriter

    Runt-time error 9

    HI everyone, I am experiencing a frustrating problem at uncontrolled airports when selecting CLR by FSS. RC4 shuts down after the phone call is made and I am told to wait. The erro it gives me is as follows; Run-time error 9 Radar.Contact.fsuipc.rcv4code I have read the forums here and came across a possible solution of making sure my makerunways.exe is up to date. I downloaded it and ran it as described in that thread but this has still not fixed the problems. If anyone has any solutions to this it would be much appreciated as I fly out of a lot of small airfields and cannot use RC4 when I do. Cheers, Sean.