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  1. FlyinBlu

    777 Arrivals Problem

    Yes, I do have an appropriate destination in the RTE page. It's a legit question though Haha My problem isn't even getting an approach, its that there aren't even any runways to choose from when I go to the the Dep/Arr page. Or more properly the arrivals page for my destination. I'm leaning towards an re installation of the T7 in a couple hours. I'd hope that solves it. It's just really strange!
  2. FlyinBlu

    777 Arrivals Problem

    I had a problem last night with CYVR, and SCEL today. I am not using imported Flight plans. I get the route generated from Simbrief and then manually enter my info. My departures function seems to be working fine, but nothing for arrivals. Thanks!
  3. FlyinBlu

    777 Arrivals Problem

    Hey Guys, I've recently been having this problem where the odd time, the Arrivals will not show any options for runways and approaches. I have no idea why. I recently updated the AIRAC to 1412. My PMDG folder in my FSX directory even shows the airports with all their runways and information in the SIDS/STARS folder. Has anyone ever experienced this? Or can make a suggestion at what could be wrong? I've been trying to upload a picture of the FMC showing 1/0 pages and no information for Arrivals, but the forum keeps rejecting my formats Thanks guys!