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  1. Fess_ter

    A2A ground steering P3D v4.2

    Fixed it. I unwound it and did it up again. Uninstalled all A2A planes. Re-installed one, did the accu-sim update, and modded the add-ons.cfg file as instructed by the A2A site. Re-installed the rest (after the first was working) and the accu-sim update and the add-ons.cfg file. My trouble may have started with me moving the A2A planes after first P3Dv4.2 did not show them in aircraft selection. (The add-ons.cfg mod fixes that.) If you haven't muddied the water like myself... the A2A work around is to edit the add-ons.cfg file in the hidden folder likely on your C: drive C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\add-ons.cfg In the file, you want to remove the slash at the end... change this... PATH=F:\Users\yourpcname\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\A2A\ to this... PATH=F:\Users\yourpcname\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\A2A NOTE: your drive letter may vary ~Fess
  2. Fess_ter

    A2A ground steering P3D v4.2

    Nick, Just tried the Accu-Sim update, no dice. Might have to wait for a new Accu-Sim update. Or it could be just me :-P I had to go and early adopt. Nope, couldn't wait a few weeks. ~Fess
  3. It seems the A2A ground steering issue that some had with the 4.1 upgrade is back with 4.2, it is at least for me. At first I tried just the client upgrade. Comanche wont steer on ground, like dragging a broken nose wheel with rudder only. Uninstalled p3d and did a full re-install with 4.2. Problem still there. I do not have EZDOK, which was responsible for some of the 4.1 issues that others had. Anyone else have it? Its only the A2A planes of mine. PMDG 737 is fine. ~Fess
  4. Fess_ter

    CS 707/727 trim sensitivity

    I solved this issue in the 727 last night. The 727 had 2 trims, a fast one and a slow one. The fast one is for Takeoff and landing. The slow trim is called "Cruise Trim" to make adjustments at cruise. The fast one gets the standard trim assignment on your yoke. The Cruise Trim switch is located on the Throttle Console and can be manipulated with the mouse. But who wants to do that with the mouse? We gotta get the mouse outta there. I was working on another project involving LINDA, LUA, MilViz's 737-200, PMDG's 737NGX and a custom MCP using Arduino and Link2FS. In my searches I stumbled upon a macro tutorial for FSUIPC. I believe this fix requires FSUIPC to be registered. Anyway using LINDA I found the variable name for the Cruise Trim and its parameters. The variable name is StabCruizeTrimSw2_click. It uses 3 Parameter values 1,0,-1. 1 is Trim up. 0 is released. -1 is Trim down. To make it work with a key or button assignment we need to make a macro file (.MCRO). Open your favorite text editor and put this in it. [MACROS] 1=L:StabCruizeTrimSw2_click=SET Now save the file as something.MCRO. I called mine 1cs727.MCRO. The 1 will make it be at the top of the list in FSUIPC. Place this file in your FSX "Modules" folder/directory. Assignment Process Start the sim and go into FSUIPC Buttons + Switches Tab. Check box Profile Specific Press the Joystick/Yoke/Throttle Quadrant button that you want to make Cruise Trim pitch up. (NOTE:I use the far right switch on the CH Throttle Quadrant. Down button for pitch up, Up button for pitch down.) Check the "Select for FS control" box. In the drop down window named "Control sent when button pressed" you should see your macro command. (Mine looks like 1cs727:L:StabCruizeTrimSw2 Click Set) In the Parameter box right below, put a one, 1. For trim up. Check the "Control to Repeat While Held", box. In the "Control sent when button released" drop down, select the macro name again. In it's Parameter box put a zero, 0. To release. Now repeat the Assignment Process for Trim Down using the same macro command but change the Parameter to -1. I hope this is clear, I took some benadryl and I'm loopy.