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  1. DJ Reonic

    B200 N444AD

    Hello everybody, I am curious if anyone knows of an Alaska State Troopers repaint anywhere for the B200? I've seen skins for other aircraft (C185, AS350, etc.) but I haven't found one for the B200 yet. If there aren't any out there, I'll see if I can make my own. Here's the url to a picture of an example aircraft. Thanks in advance.
  2. DJ Reonic

    Installers freezing

    CIVA INS and F1 Super80 Pro. They worked perfectly during install a few months ago, but now they don't work. My F1 DC9 installed beautifully, so I'm pretty sure it's not an F1-soecific issue. The CIVA INS installed on both FSX and P3Dv2 perfectly as well, and worked, as did the Super80. I'm just trying to figure out what could stop those specific installers from running so I can fix it. Since PMDG aircraft don't work in P3Dv2.2 yet, I'll be getting a lot of use out of the older aircraft, particularly the ones that use the INS.
  3. DJ Reonic

    Installers freezing

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with a couple of addon installers freezing at 98-99%, CIVA INS and the Super 80 Pro. I'm trying to figure out what could be causing them to freeze up. I have Advanced System Care Ultimate, which has never caused a problem before, and Malwarebytes, which I think could be the culprit, but uninstalling both hasn't helped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks DJ
  4. Hey, all. I did some searching, and didn't find any threads on this topic. If there is one, and I didn't look hard enough, I apologize. I've been looking for some good worn-out bare metal repaints for the 707/727/737/L1011, similar to what Jon5700 shows in some of his YouTube videos. At one time I used the repaint kit and made a bare metal skin for the 707, but that has since been lost. I can go back and make new ones, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any floating around the interwebz. I'm also curious about any N88ZL paints out there. I've seen some pictures, but no downloads. Thanks. Once again, sorry if this is a repeat and I haven't looked hard enough. DJ
  5. DJ Reonic

    707 P3Dv2

    I have the Estonia Migrator, and I used it to install my CS aircraft. I still had the problem. I had the C130s working perfectly, just the 707 didn't want to work. I installed it without any modifications (no TSS sound pack, no CIVA INS, no V1 callout gauge, etc.), fired up the sim, and was unable to fly the aircraft.
  6. DJ Reonic

    707 P3Dv2

    Hey guys, I recently decided to try P3Dv2. I have successfully moved all my aircraft to P3D and while there are a few bugs. the aircraft are flyable. The problem I am having is with the CS 707. I keep getting the model protection error. (no gear, most switches do not work, controls don't move, etc.) I have uninstalled, cleaned the registry manually, used registry cleaning tools, rebooted and reinstalled, all multiple times, per CS support, and I am still getting this error. I am really getting frustrated here, because it is among my favorite aircraft to fly. Does anyone have this aircraft flying and working in P3Dv2, or am I just out of luck? Thanks. P.S.: This aircraft was working perfectly in FSX, so it's not my system config, as CS suggests at the end of their support page.
  7. Hey PMDG, Amazing job on the 777! I couldn't find if this has been asked already, but are there plans to add the Auto Cruise feature to the 747, MD11 and maybe the 737 (not that the 737 really needs time compression)? Thanks.