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  1. jamalf-97

    Purchasing PMDG 777

    I think that could be the problem now that it's explained that way (no one does try to buy a 777 with a credit card). Also I am out of the country, I'm in Angola and its an American issued card so that could contribute to the problem. I'll contact the bank and try to clear things up. Once again thanks to everyone for helping out.
  2. jamalf-97

    Purchasing PMDG 777

    Hello, Thanks for trying to help. I reached out to the support center a month ago and they didn't really give a solution or a reason why this happened. Since you say its beyond their reach I will just try again and to see if the problem with the card persists or not.
  3. jamalf-97

    Purchasing PMDG 777

    Hello, I recently tried to buy the 777 on the PMDG website and I went through all the steps without a problem. But on the last at the end when it directs me to the download page it says, "Error 4: Your order needs to be reviewed for security purposes. Please Contact PMDG Support." It also says that if I retry purchasing the product it will be declined. I have a registered PMDG account and I know that there aren't any problems with my account details because i have bought other things online with the same details and card before. Does anybody know what could be wrong with it? I'd appreciate the help Thanks, Jamal