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  1. The orbx website was never down for me, works perfectly except for the fact that they never sent my activation email, and never replied to any of my emails (its been more than 72 hours now) Thanks for the suggestions. I looked everyone, I tried it once with hybrid, and then many times without trying different things. Nothing worked. Its been more than 72 hours since I signed up on their website. More than 72 hours since I sent multiple emails for support and asking them to activate my forum account. No reply. Since its been more than 24 hours since my last post, and no one from ORBX has contacted me or posted here, I will stick to my plan. I am now uninstalling FTX. In the morning I will be initiating a charge-back for the full amount I spent on this product that didn't work, and I received no support for. I wish that this had turned out differently, but I'm not the kind of person who just ignores such horrible short-comings like this. Greg
  2. Also, to anyone from ORBX support: I signed up on your official forum to get support for this issue over 48 hours ago. I never got the email to activate my account. I sent 2 emails including my order number. I have had no reply. So I will be very clear so there will be no confusion. I will accept only 2 outcomes: 1. You immediately provide the support that I paid you for and fix this issue either here or on your official forum (you will have to actually allow me to post there first) 2. You immediately issue me a full refund for the more than $100 I spent on your product that has done nothing but screw up my sim. If one of those things isn't accomplished EXACTLY as I have stated here within 24 hours from this post, I will initiate a charge-back for the full amount I spent on your product. If you think that I am the type of person who spends money on a product, finds out it doesn't work, and then discovers he doesn't get support, and just ignores those facts and lets you get away with terrible customer service, you are sorely mistaken. Again, just to clarify, the above was directed directly to the official ORBX support. (They haven't activated my account on their official forum, so I can't post there, and they haven't replied to my emails.) If any non-official members wants to give me advice on how to fix this issue, I will still gladly accept your advice. But even if I fix the issue and do not hear from ORBX official support within 24 hours, I will still uninstall the product and initiate the charge-back. If nothing else, I hope this helps to show others the type of customer service ORBX provides. But if they do actually get around to doing their jobs, I will be sure to immediately update this post to reflect that. Greg
  3. I just finished a flight from KBOS to KJFK and had the exact same problem. I thought I would post some pictures so you could see what I mean: This is how it looks right after I land and turned off the runway. (As you can see it looks like the runway is under the ground, its worse on other airports) This is how it looks after forcing the scenery to reload (its still a bit screwed up for some reason in this case, but usually forcing a reload corrects the problem) If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this problem I would really appreciate it. Thanks again Greg
  4. I recently installed FTX Global Base. After installing, I noticed something strange. After a long flight (more than 30 minutes or so) when I approach the landing airport, I notice the scenery for that airport is messed up (runways appear to be "under the ground", general scenery mis-matches, etc). This happens for both addon airports and the default FSX airports. At first I thought it might have something to do with the hybrid mode for FTX, so I tried it both ways, I still get the same problem. FTX Global base is the only scenery addon I have, so the that's the only thing I could think that could be causing this issue. After landing (if I'm even able) I can then force the scenery to reload by changing the graphics settings. Once it loads, everything is back to normal. The issue never happens on my departure airport, it seems to only happen to airports that aren't initially loaded when I start the flight. I've tried everything I could think to fix this. I was hoping that someone else experienced this problem before as well and there is an easy fix. And since I'm sure someone will ask, the order of my FSX scenery library is: Addon Airports ORBX OPENLC_EUROPE1 ORBX OPENLC_NAMERICA1 ORBX OPENLC_BASE FSX Default Airports & Scenery Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide. Greg
  5. Actually, I found the solution to this. It was indeed a problem with my video card. I reinstalled the drivers and everything works perfectly now. Thanks for the help.
  6. Actually, now I have a new problem. When I start fs2crew and click "run pf" under the cfg window as instructed in the tutorial, the game always crashes. I have followed all the instructions in the troubleshooting section for crashes, but nothing has helped. Prepar3D has never crashed before. The only time it happens is when I run the pre-flight events or say "preflight checklist." does anyone have any idea what may be causing this or how I can fix it? Thanks
  7. That worked perfectly. Thanks for your help. I just wish that the installer worked for p3d since I bought it from the "prepar3d" section of the website. Kind of misleading.
  8. Hi I recently purchased f2screw for pmdg 737 ngx. I purchased it from the "Prepar3D" section on the fs2crew website. But all the manuals only give instructions for flight simulator x. I am stuck at the point where I am supposed to "trust" the panel config for the aircraft. When I load the pmdg 737-800 after installing fs2crew, there is no option to "trust" the new panel configuration as was stated in the manuals. I am assuming this is a problem with running on P3D. Can someone please tell me how to update my panel so I can open fs2crew using the click-spot detailed in the manual? Also, if there is specific documentation for running fs2crew on prepar3d, I would appreciate someone linking it for me. I have looked everywhere, even on the manuals page on the fs2crew webstite, and there are no specific instructions for prepar3d. Thanks
  9. Thanks for your reply jgideon. For me, the burriness is just on PMDG. The captain sim 777 for example is perfectly clear. Thats pretty much the only advantage it has over PMDG. I tried your suggestion and applied the tweaks. They seems to help a bit with performance, but the blurry virtual cockpit is still there. If anyone else has any suggestions on how to fix the issue I would appreciate it. Thanks
  10. Hi I recently purchased the PMDG 737NGX. I love the plane. Its the most realistic aircraft I've flown in any flight simulator. But I've been having an annoying problem with the Virtual Cockpit textures. They are extremely blurry. I have followed the guide on FSX setup and all settings are completely maxed out, yet the virtual cockpit text is extremely hard to read. I know this isn't normal. From other places I've heard that the 737NGX cockpit is supposed to be very "crisp." But this isn't the case for me. I've added some screenshots of the VC as well as the 2d panel. As you can see the virtual cockpit is extremely blurry. The 2d panel is much better, but there are still some spots that are blurred. I have circled a few as examples. If anyone can help me fix this, I would very much appreciate it. If the VC was as crisp as other aircraft models, this would make the 737NGX perfect in my eyes. Thanks
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