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  1. Thank you for the help FS Captain Joe, but your suggestions have not helped me either. I have no problem logging on, it's just that none of the forum categories are available...all I see is "Public forum coming soon." It seems that I have lost the "Tech Alpha Insider" status. This has also happened to me twice previously since February for some reason. I sent a message to the Customer Support Lead several hours ago and I am waiting to hear back.
  2. I have lost forum access as well, since Saturday. This has happened to me in the past and I have usually had to contact one of the forum admins directly. The Zendesk seems to be only for simulator bugs/issues. I don't know why it happens nor why it only happens to some members. It can take a few days to resolve.
  3. Yep, same here as well. I received a reply that my access was restored, but I still do not have access. My communication with them was last Saturday, but I have heard nothing since.
  4. I have cleared my cache, cookies, history, etc...logged in on my phone and computer, and still no access. I had full access until yesterday afternoon.
  5. I am a Tech Insider and as of yesterday, I lost access to the forums. I also noticed that I lost my Tech Insider badge on the forums as well. I messaged one of the community managers, thinking it was just an issue with me. At first, they thought the same as well, but it is looking to be more of a widespread issue. Also, my Tech Insider profile page says that I "have selected to opt-out of the Insider Program," but I most definitly did not do that...
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