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    FSX on Win8 64bit

    I would like to return to FS after many years on hiatus. I used to be on FS2004 with gigs of addons. I have recently built a new computer that uses Win8 64bit. Before I buy FSX, I've been doing a lot of research and finding a lot of reported issues with this config. Everything from cannot install, cannot register, to frequent crashes. What are the chances I will be able to install FSX and successfully be able to use it? Is it just a matter of working through some issues that can be fixed or worked around, or is there a very good chance that I just won't be able to install or run it in a stable environment. Thanks very much for input. Tim
  2. trmc10

    FSX on Win8 64bit

    I figured out my problem from another thread...I have 8.1 Preview installed (bonehead move). Sounds like the two are not compatible at all. Now I need to decide if it's worth restoring the system and starting from scratch again. Thanks for everyone's input.
  3. trmc10

    FSX on Win8 64bit

    Well, so far I'm having nothing but problems. Installed FSX, activated, got to the main menu screen, click on Free Flight and it CTD's. So I figured I would try installing Acceleration Pack. Did that, activated it, now I get "Fatal Error has occurred" when it tries to launch. I tried deleting the logbook file and the fsx.cfg. Nothing. Any thoughts? Basically what I worried might happen is happening. Thanks Tim
  4. trmc10

    FSX on Win8 64bit

    Thanks for the responses! That at least gives me enough confidence to give it a try, especially at $24 for the software. As we all know, if it ends up working, that will be just a drop in the bucket of what I will end up spending long-term. Tim