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  1. I did everything and still the add on is not working any clues? I redownloaded the file and still have black gauges!!
  2. Ok thank you Ryan, I will do that! and keep you posted!
  3. thank you Jim! I have both installed! I guess I will unistall FSX and all addons as PMDG support suggests? I may have a corrupted file! I tryed before to copy and paste my PMDGS from another computer! After that I purchased the PMDG again, I don't know if this may have caused the problem? I Also bought the Super 80 from flight 1 and when I install the Prfesional plane and want to run it FSX crashes! in the classic one the cokpit gauges are not working properly eitheir! I decided to remove that program to!
  4. Hello I've just purchased the PMDG 737 NGX and the visual model is well installed but no Gauges show in the VC. When I start trying to push any gauge the games crashes and a Unknow Fatal error ocurs, causing FSX to stop working! Any clue on this issue? My computer is new: Windows 8 HP Icore I7 3.4 MZ 2 TB HD 8 GB Ram Graphic card of 1 GB I will apreciate any help