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  1. Carnage21

    Strange issue (joystick)

    Thankyou all Will Try
  2. Carnage21

    Strange issue (joystick)

    Yeah i have tried that , Doesnt help :(
  3. Carnage21

    Strange issue (joystick)

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. It only happens when im in the PMDG 777 I can choose the plane , spawn at an airport perform preflight tests all ailerons etc are working perfectly. Then out of nowhere my joystick will completely stop functioning , i go to menu controllers and it has completely disappeared. so i can sit at the taxi way for around 5 minutes , then it all of a sudden comes back. Today i landed at OMDB perfectly and by the time i braked etc my joystick had stopped working again. I also am getting strange logs in my Virtual airline logs about the speedbrake setting and retracting every 1 second at random intervals in my flights i have tried : * reinstall FSX * reinstall 777 * reinstall fsuipc Its jsut so random.................. I am utterly stumped and it only happens with the 777. Any other aircraft 0 issues :(
  4. Carnage21


    hahahahaha i had the same one to , When i put my landing gear down the chocks were on to Happened after i saved a flight quit fsx and loaded the flight
  5. Thanks all will try this out appreciate your insights.
  6. i rushed the flight for the purpose of recording the problem i have been having, Im sorry if i have come across like a dick, I have read some manuals how do you think i got it in the air I have been reading forums for days trying to resolve it and i jsut cant crack it. The aircraft simply does not switch tot he next waypoint unless i force it in the fMC i am 100% sure that is an issue. Also im pretty surre the problem doesnt exist between my chair and my chair , it may exist between the keyboard and chair that is why im here.
  7. Have a hug issue with the autopilot , it just glides past my waypoints and then spends hours trying to back track WHY PMDG!!! WHY!!! 737 works perfectly , and as far as im concerned the 777 purchase is on hold if i buy it at all.