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  1. Hi Bryan, I'm using the Microsoft SP2 version of FSX . It is not possible to add events to the standard MS event list (see http://www.avsim.com/topic/323927-how-can-i-add-to-the-controls-list-in-fsx-settings/ ) so I suppose you're right about imputing the Steam edition. JaapV
  2. Hi Bryan, It appears that the texts of the FSX events we are talking about can be found in the file: FSX/Language.dll. To find them however you have to insert a hex. '00' value between each ASCII character. E.g. to search for NUMPAD (in hex: '4E 55 4D 50 41 44') you have to search for '4E 00 55 00 4D 00 50 00 41 00 44'. In this way I found the text of the events I mentioned in my previous reply but the word NITROUS is NOT present in this file. Jaap
  3. Hi Bryan, I allready had selected All Events but the event NITROUS TANK VALVE TOGGLE didn't not show up. A part of the relevant events I can see (in alphabetical order) are: Mouse flight control (on/off) NAV radio (select), NUMPAD (view direction/controls) Nav 1/GPS (toggle OBS indicator (select) I would like to send you an attachment with a picture of the SETTINGS-CONTROLS, but I don't see how to manage that. Inserting a picture is not allowed and I see no possibility to attach a file to this reply. Jaap
  4. Hi Bryan, I just installed Version 3.1 but unfortunately I cannot find an event in FSX named NITROUS TANK VALVE TOGGLE to assign a button to. You are sure about this name? JaapV
  5. Hi, Just to inform you: There are several ways to create a so called 'Company Route' file to be imported in the FMC. Recently I found out that the filename must not contain any spaces. When spaces are used in the filename in first instance everything seems to be OK, but after saving and reloading the flight, the contents of the FMC appeared to have changed. The route is not active and the CRZ altitude need to be filled in again. After entering the required values and activating the route, the PMDG 737ngx freezes. Best regards, Jaap